Dengue mosquitoes are creating havoc in Delhi again! A dangerous dengue strain is spreading in the national capital of India. Named as the DENV-2, this new and dangerous dengue fever strain is more life-threatening than other strains detected earlier. 


Dengue fever symptoms for this dangerous strain are much more than just a fever, it may lead to fatal hemorrhagic fever with chills and shocks. 19 out of 20 recent dengue-positive samples tested in Delhi belonged to this dangerous strain. Blame it to the recent flooding in several parts of Delhi, for the emergence of this deadly dengue strain.


So, how to protect yourself from this new dengue strain circulating in the national capital? This post aims to acquaint you with the best way to kill dengue mosquitoes. So, don't go anywhere! 


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Use AutoMos - The Best Mosquito Killer


There is no time to try any DIYs or natural mosquito repellents to protect yourself from this deadly dengue strain currently spreading its wings in the capital of India. Get the ultimate mosquito protection with the new and most effective AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine. It releases 4 times less chemicals and emits no smell at all to keep all types of mosquitoes away even with open windows. 


Order AutoMos Starter Pack


Believe us you won’t regret ordering the new AutoMos Starter Packthat comprises of the machine and its original refill that lasts for up to 90 days. No need to bear the smoke, smell, or side effects of other types of mosquito repellents, if you choose AutoMos for a 24x7 mosquito prevention at home or office.


7 Best Dengue Prevention Tips to Follow


We all know that dengue is a mosquito-borne disease caused due to the bite of an infected Aedes Aegypti. So, to protect yourself from this viral fever, you must do all that you can to repel dengue mosquitoes such as:


1.     Install AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine: Trust on the ultimate mosquito protection device - AutoMos from the house of HiCare to turn your premise into a no-mosquito zone. You can even keep windows and doors open without worrying about mosquitoes entering your premises with AutoMos on your wall. 


2.     Use Mosquito and Fly Catcher Machines: Just like AutoMos, you can install HiCare Mosquito and Fly Catcher Machines that come with high-power UV lamps made in the UK for 30% more efficiency to catch mosquitoes and other flying insects. You can install these insect catcher machines to protect yourself from dengue mosquitoes at your workplace. 


3.     Book Mosquito Control Treatments: Leave no gap in ensuring mosquito protection against dengue fever by partnering with pest control experts like HiCare. Book 3X Mosquito Control Treatment for the homefrom HiCare for 90 days of mosquito protection against the latest dengue strain.


4.     Remove Standing Water: Dengue mosquitoes tend to breed in standing water. So, every attempt should be made to eliminate these breeding grounds by preventing standing water around you. 


5.     Community Clean-Up: Preventing dengue fever should be a joint effort and for this, you must participate in community clean-up. Every effort should be made to clean areas with stagnant water to reduce mosquito breeding. 


6.     Use Effective Mosquito Repellents: The choice is yours whether you want to rely on natural mosquito repellents or artificial ones, but do use some effective ones that help to repel dengue mosquitoes. 


7.     Stay Hydrated: Whether you want to prevent dengue or already suffering from the same, it is important to stay hydrated. Water is the best remedy for many illnesses and dengue is one of them. 



If you follow the above-mentioned dengue prevention tips, you are less likely to get infected with this new and more dangerous strain. But, if you experience any symptoms, then do seek dengue fever treatment at the earliest. HiCare understands how important it is to stay safe when dengue cases are surging in the city, so it offers the best residential and commercial mosquito control treatments.