Be it your home or office, we bet you must be using a garbage bag. But, is it actually helping you remove garbage? Yes, it might be, but ultimately the bag used is adding to the plastic waste on our planet Earth. Thankfully, we now have the option to replace these traditional plastic garbage bags with biodegradable dustbin bags.


Somewhat similar to compostable garbage bags, these biodegradable dustbin bags are obviously a better choice for the sake of the environment and if your choice is right, you might also end up repelling cockroaches and rodents using smart biodegradable garbage bags like OXO from HiCare. 


In case you still doubt why use these instead of traditional trash bags, then read on to learn about the 3 amazing benefits of using biodegradable garbage trash bags. 


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Order OXO Biodegradable Garbage Bags


Forget the best, choose the best biodegradable garbage bags from HiCare. Order OXO Biodegradable dustbin bagspack of 4 rolls with 30 bags each and contribute to saving the environment. In return, make your space a cockroach & rodent-free -free zone pest-repellent technology. 


These dustbin bags are made using odor management technology to mask the original foul smell of the garbage with a minty smell. Even the best pest control providers like HiCare use these bags as part of their 4D Cockroach Control Treatment to deny food and shelter to cockroaches. So, try them once and see the difference yourself!


Key Features of OXO Biodegradable Garbage Bags from HiCare


There are so many other options when it comes to buying biodegradable garbage bags, so why try HiCare OXO Biodegradable garbage trash bags? Here are the top features that will make you do so:


·       OXO Biodegradable Virgin Plastic Material

·       Repels Cockroaches and Rodents

·       Mint fragrance

·       Leak-Proof and Durable

·       Eco-Friendly Material

·       Perforated for Easy Use


3 Benefits of Biodegradable Garbage Bags


There are multiple benefits of switching to biodegradable dustbin bags from traditional plastic ones. Let us explore them all one by one by reading further:


1.     Reduces Plastic Pollution: The prime benefit of using these trash bags is that if not good, at least these are not bad for the environment. In short, these are eco-friendly garbage bags that reduce plastic pollution because they don’t add to landfills and do not persist for hundreds of years.


2.     Non-Toxic: Made of natural materials, these garbage are non-toxic in nature and safe for the environment, flora, and fauna. They get easily absorbed by the soil and don’t release any toxic gases or by-products. 


3.     Less Harmful to Animals: Traditional plastic trash bags are harmful to the animals, as many of them ingest them or get entangled in them. So, when you use biodegradable garbage bags, they easily break down into natural components posing less threat to the animals in our surroundings. 




We just shared the main biodegradable garbage bag benefits and assume you will look for the best options to make this switch from your traditional dustbin bags. So, order OXO Biodegradable garbage bags 120 pieces (4 Rolls of 30 Bags each) of medium size (19’ x 21’) and save your home from cockroaches and rodents and the environment from the waste created by traditional trash bags.