Are you worried about the environment? Don’t want to add garbage bags that either end up in the non-biodegradable waste or turn into teeny tiny bits of plastic floating in the ocean? Then, it is time you switch to biodegradable dustbin bags, which are more or less like compostable garbage bags and are less harmful to the environment.


Options are galore when it comes to choosing environmentally friendly garbage bags, so you might get confused about which one to buy and why. Worry not, we are here to acquaint you with the most eco-friendly garbage bags for home and office use. So, do not go anywhere, stay here and read on!


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Order OXO Biodegradable Garbage Bags with Pest Repellent Technology


HiCare, India’s best pest control company has always shown concern for the environment while helping people live a pest-free life at home and at the workplace. One such great product that comes from the house of HiCare is OXO Biodegradable Garbage Bags. These are no ordinary dustbin bags, but ones formulated using pest-repellent technology to repel cockroaches and rodents from the garbage bins. 


Made of Virgin Plastic, HiCare OXO dustbin bags easily decompose in the soil and water in less time as compared to other types of biodegradable dustbin bags. These spread a fresh minty fragrance to mask the foul smell emitted from garbage bins. So, in all, OXO biodegradable garbage bags have emerged as the best eco-friendly trash bags in recent times. 


How are HiCare OXO Biodegradable Garbage Bags Different from Other Dustbin Bags?


More and more companies these days are manufacturing different types of eco-friendly trash bags, so what makes OXO Biodegradable Garbage Bags from HiCare the best choice? Read on to figure out for  yourself by having a look at the special features of OXO Dustbin Bags:


·       Pest-Repellent Technology: India’s 1st garbage bags made using pest-repellent technology to repel cockroaches and rodents


·       Odor Management Technology: Innovative odor management technology to mask the original smell of the garbage, which attracts pests


·       Minty Fragrance: Spreads a fresh minty fragrance instead of the foul odor coming out from the garbage bins


·       Perforated for Easy Use: OXO bags come perforated for easy tear and use so that you can easily pick one at a time from the roll. 


·       Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable: Not to forget these are made of Virgin Plastic and are completely eco-friendly and biodegradable


·       Durable and Leak-proof: Made of strong leak-proof material that doesn’t tear when disposed of


·       Affordable and Value for Money: 4 packs each comprising 30 individual bags cost just Rs. 520 and at present the company is offering the same for just Rs. 299. 


Why Use Eco-Friendly Garbage Bags?


There are multiple benefits of using eco-friendly bin bags and some of these are listed below for your understanding of why you should switch to these from your traditional plastic trash bags:


1.     Reduced Plastic Waste

2.     Conserves Resources

3.     Lowers Carbon Footprint

4.     Safe for Flora and Fauna

5.     Regulations and Compliance

6.     Supports Sustainable Practices

7.     Promotes Environmental Awareness


Client Reviews About OXO Biodegradable Dustbin Bags


Here is what some happy customers have to say about OXO BinCare Biodegradable Garbage Bags from the house of HiCare:


5*/ 5 Review Rating


“No Foul Smell… Only Minty Smell”


“The most eco-friendly dustbin bags I have ever used that help me maintain a high hygiene standard in my clinic. Repels cockroaches and rats with its pest-repellent technology and masks the foul odor with its odor management technology. Hats off to the makers to introduce something like OXO biodegradable dustbin bags.”


-        Dr. Shalini Ahuja, Nasik


5*/ 5 Review Rating


“Value for Money Product”


“4 rolls of 30 OXO Biodegradable garbage bags cost just Rs. 520 and I ordered when HiCare was offering a steal deal at just Rs. 299. A complete value-for-money product that prevents cockroach infestations and is less harmful to the environment too.”


-        Arti Luthra, New Delhi


5*/ 5 Review Rating


“Bye Bye Cockroaches”


“No need to book a cockroach pest control treatment, just switch to OXO Anti-Cockroach Garbage Bags. The 1st garbage bags in India made with pest-repellent technology helped me say bye-bye to cockroaches and rats. Ordering another pack of 4 very soon!”


-        Virat Shah, Mumbai


4.5*/ 5 Review Rating


“Too Good Product”


“Thank God I switched to OXO BinCare Biodegradable garbage bags on my friend’s advice. It is a very good and easy-to-use product. No more cockroaches around my dustbin, and no more guilt that I am adding to plastic waste. Highly recommended!”


-        Kritika Puri, Bengaluru




We assume all your doubts and queries about the use of biodegradable garbage bags are over now. Do not waste money trying other types of biodegradable dustbin bags, simply order HiCare OXO Biodegradable Garbage Bags and save your home from cockroaches and rodents and the environment from plastic waste.