Fly catcher machines have gained immense popularity over the last few decades. Mainly because these don’t use harmful chemicals and yet are so powerful in killing the irritating flies and mosquitoes. 


But, have you ever wondered how a fly trap machine works? What causes that zapping sound that instantly kills mosquitoes or flies as soon as they come in contact with such an insect catcher? 


This post will help you understand the exact working phenomenon of popular fly trap machines available in the market. Also, check out the best fly and insect catcher machines for your business in this article. 


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Choose the Best Fly and Insect Catchers from HiCare


You need not worry about the fly catcher machine price, if you pick one from the ultimate HiCare range, because these offer 100% value for money. Placing a HiCare fly catcher machine near me will help get rid of all the mosquitoes and flies disturbing you or your customers in any kind of business. 


HiCare Range of Fly Catcher Machines


Be it a restaurant, manufacturing unit, hospital, hotel, retail store, or bank, HiCare has a powerful fly trap machine for all types of businesses. Have a look at the complete range of fly and insect catcher machines from HiCare:


1.     HiCare Trendy Fly Catcher Machine: This is the ultimate insect repellent machine that comes fitted with 3 UV lamps for maximum fly attraction. HiCare Trendy Fly Catcher Machinecovers an area of up to 350 sq. ft and comes with a 1-year warranty.


2.     HiCare Aura Fly and Insect Catcher Machine: Want something unique? Then order the round shape HiCare Aura Fly and Insect Catcher Machinethat is aesthetically appealing as well as effective in killing flies. 


3.     HiCare Smart Fly Catcher Machine:  Enjoy fly killing with no zapping sound with the HiCare Smart Fly Catcher Machine. It is 14 times longer lasting and offers 30% more efficiency in attracting flying insects. 


4.     HiCare Fly and Insect Catcher Machine: Order HiCare Fly and Insect Catcher Machine- the best insect catcher for commercial use that offers 8000+ hours of tube light life and 30% more insect attraction.


5.     HiCare FLY Kill Zapper Machine - Small: This is the latest edition to the fly catcher range from the house of HiCare. The new HiCare FLY Kill Zapper Machine - Smallconsumes just 20 W power to cover smaller areas.


6.     HiCare FLY Kill Zapper Machine - Big: If you need to kill flies from a wide area then, choose the new HiCare FLY Kill Zapper Machine - Big which is designed for commercial use. 


How Does a Fly and Insect Catcher Machine Work?


Curious to know how a fly and insect catcher machine works? The techniques used in most of these insect repellent machines are the same and these techniques are listed below for your knowledge:


1.     UV Light Attraction: The main credit for the efficiency of a fly repellent machine goes to its UV lamps. Flies and mosquitoes have a tendency to get attracted to UV light, therefore, these Ultraviolet tubes are fitted in these trap machines to attract all types of flying insects. 


2.     Electric Grids: UV light alone won’t work in an electric fly catcher machine unless there are electric grids to kill the flies with some power. As soon as the flies come in contact with the electric grids, they are electrocuted through high-voltage power. Most of these machines produce a noticeable zapping sound when this happens, but not if you choose HiCare’s fly and insect catcher machines


3.     Glue Traps: You will find numerous fly trap machines with glue traps to capture the flying insects. These are strategically placed near the UV source to catch the flies when they touch the adhesive surface. 


4.     Suction Fans: Another common method used by fly catcher machines to catch these flying insects is through suction fans. These machines are fitted with a UV light to attract the flies and when they approach the machine, a suction fan sucks them into a trap through a strong airflow.


5.     Bait Attraction: Some fly trap machines also use baits to attract flies. These baits can emit some smell that helps attract flies for an easy catch. Once these flies get attracted to the machine, they are trapped either through the glue traps or electric grids. 


6.     Vacuum Systems: There is no end to the technologies used in fly-repellent machines, The latest ones use vacuum systems to capture flying insects. Basically, these insect catchers generate a low-pressure area to suck the flies into a collection chamber, where they get trapped and fail to escape. 




Whether or not your bought fly trap machine will work also depends on the type of machine you bought and its quality. Do not compromise quality for the sake of affordability, when you set out to buy the best fly and insect catcher machine. HiCare has not one or two, but six interesting and effective insect catcher machines for commercial use.