Whether you know it or not, mosquitoes are temperature-sensitive species. These blood suckers are not able to survive in extremely cold or hot weather conditions. These are cold-blooded creatures, which means they are incapable of regulating their internal temperature.


So, what temperature is actually ideal for them to thrive, when we need maximum protection against mosquitoes and at what temperature do mosquitoes die? Get answers to all such questions related to mosquitoes in this post. We will also acquaint you with the best mosquito-killer machine for your home. 


AutoMos - Mosquito Repellent Machines



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Try AutoMos - The Best Mosquito Killer Machine for Home


No matter, what temperature it is, you can get rid of mosquitoes with the HiCare AutoMos Mosquito Killer Machine. It is a revolutionary mosquito control product from the house of HiCare that works with an automatic operation and releases no smell and 4 times less chemicals in each spray. Powerful enough to keep mosquitoes away even with open windows, AutoMos can help you stay protected against all types of mosquito-borne diseases. 


Special Features of AutoMos Machine


With AutoMos on the walls, there will be no mosquitoes at all inside your home. Users who have tried this compact machine are convinced by its effective formula and power to repel mosquitoes in an easy peasy way, where you need not even switch ON/ OFF the machine manually.


Here is what makes AutoMos, the best mosquito killer for the home:


·      Automatic operation

·      No smell, no fumes

·      Effective against flies

·      4X times less chemical emission

·      Repels mosquitoes even with open windows and doors

·      24x7 mosquito protection with no side effects

·      100% safe for pets, children, grandparents, and pregnant women

·      Affordable protection for 90 days with 1 refill


What Temperature Kills Mosquitoes?


It is good to know that the temperature at which mosquitoes die can vary depending on the mosquito species, life stage, and certain environmental conditions. The survival of these cold-blooded insects is heavily influenced by temperature. The lethal temperature that kills mosquitoes is below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 


However, temperature alone is not the only factor that determines the survival rate of mosquitoes. Various other factors might affect the population of these species such as breeding sites, humidity, and certain smells. 


How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Different Seasons?


Even if mosquitoes are high in population during the rainy and spring seasons, you can keep them away by following a combo of good-quality mosquito repellents and preventive measures. Some of these are listed below for your reference:


1.     Eliminate Breeding Sites: The prime thing to do is eliminate the mosquito breeding sites and do not let water stand by. Empty or properly dispose of items that may collect rainwater such as buckets, flower pots, old tires and so on.


2.     Use AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine: Get the most powerful and safest mosquito repellent machine to stay safe from mosquitoes in all temperatures. Yes, we are talking about the AutoMos Mosquito Killer Machine. Order the AutoMos Starter Packthat comprises the machine and the original refill to offer your 24x7 mosquito protection for almost 90 days. 


3.     Install Mosquito and Fly Catcher Machines: Another smart way of getting rid of mosquitoes along with other flying insects is by installing an effective fly and insect catcher machine


4.     Book Professional Mosquito Control Treatments: If you do not want to leave any gap in mosquito protection, then consult professionals for mosquito control treatment at home. Choose HiCare for India’s 1st 3X Mosquito Treatment


5.     Use Mosquito Dunks: For places, where you can not take away the water you may use mosquito dunks, which are doughnut-shaped small tablets. These dunks release larvicide into the water to kill mosquito larvae in ponds and swimming pools.


6.     Participate in Community Efforts: It is of utmost importance that you participate and encourage your neighbours to take effective steps collaboratively to reduce mosquito breeding sites in your neighbourhood. This will help control the mosquito population quickly. 



You just learned about the best way to kill mosquitoes, for ultimate protection against these bugs, ensure following all these preventive measures. Besides, make sure to install the ultimate mosquito repellent machine called AutoMos for round-the-clock mosquito protection at home or office. You may order it online from HiCare, Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho.