Your home doesn’t seem to be your home anymore. Is it because of mosquitoes buzzing around all the time? Then, you are not alone, many people like you are desperate to find a solution to avoid mosquitoes and their bites. If you really wish to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house, you need to know how they enter your home and what can be done to prevent their entry inside your home.


There are several reasons why mosquitoes enter your home. They look for shelter, breeding sites, water, and of course human blood. Besides, many times mosquitoes get attracted to lights and some smells inside your homes. 


So, how to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house? Let us throw some light on this and acquaint you with the best mosquito repellent for home and other preventive measures to control mosquitoes.


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Order HiCare AutoMos - The Best Mosquito Repellent Device


Bring home the ultimate mosquito repellent device - AutoMos from the house of HiCare. Best known as India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent dispenser, AutoMos can keep mosquitoes away even if you keep your windows open 24x7. The AutoMos Machine releases 4 times lesser chemicals in each spray and is 100% safe for everyone at home, be it children, elderly, pregnant women, or pets. 


Smart Features of AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine


What makes AutoMos better than other mosquito-repellent products? Have a look at the smart features of AutoMos:


·       1st Automatic Mosquito Repellent

·       Battery-Operated

·       4X Times Less Chemical Release

·       One-Time Easy Installation

·       1 Refill = 90 Days

·       No Smell, No Odor

·       Effective Against Mosquitoes and Houseflies


Best AutoMos Buying Options


If you are trying it for the first time, then we recommend you order the AutoMos Starter Pack consists of 1 AutoMos Machine, 1 Original Refill and 2 1.5 V AA Batteries. Have a look at the various AutoMos buying options available for online purchases from HiCareAmazonMeesho, and Flipkart:


AutoMos ProductOriginal PriceDiscount Price
AutoMos MachineRs. 800Rs. 800
AutoMos Starter PackRs. 1,399Rs. 799
AutoMos 1 Refill Pack for 90 DaysRs. 600Rs. 399
AutoMos 3 Refill Pack for 270 DaysRs. 1,800Rs. 999
AutoMos 4 Refill Pack for 365 DaysRs. 2,400Rs. 1,199
AutoMos Machine + 4 Refill Super Saver Pack for 365 DaysRs. 3,199Rs. 1,999


How to Kill Mosquitoes in House - 5 Best Ways


Believe it or not, but mosquitoes are a real buzzkill! Whether they bite or not, they are a nuisance if left uncontrolled inside the house. Have a look at 5 smart ways to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house:


1.     Install AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine: Get the much-desired round-the-clock mosquito protection at home by installing the new HiCare AutoMos machine on a wall near your window or door. Just install it once and forget it for 3 months with no hassles to switch it ON/OFF before or after use every single day.


2.     Book Mosquito Control Treatment: The other best way to get rid of mosquitoes is by seeking professional help from experts like HiCare. Book the ultimate 3X Mosquito Control Treatmentfrom HiCare and get smart air, walls, and water to deter mosquitoes from entering your home. 


3.     Use Essential Oils: Applying essential oils like eucalyptus, citronella, tea tree oil, and lavender on your skin can work as a natural mosquito repellent. Alternatively, you can dilute a few drops of these oils in a diffuser and deter mosquitoes from biting you. 


4.     Avoid Scented Products: Remember that mosquitoes are attracted to peculiar scents like floral smells. So, try avoiding floral scents and smells that attract mosquitoes. Instead, use aromas that are not intolerable to mosquitoes. 


5.     Use Mosquito Nets: The ancient way of keeping mosquitoes away still works! Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about installing mosquito nets. Try sleeping under one if you are not able to get a sound sleep due to mosquitoes buzzing all the time in your ears at night time.




Getting rid of mosquitoes inside your home is not impossible if you follow a good combination of mosquito preventive measures and a reliable mosquito repellent. Within no time of its launch, HiCare AutoMos has become the best and the safest mosquito repellent for home. Try it once and we bet you won’t repent, as it will turn your home into a mosquito-free zone for a good 90 days with just 1 original refill.