As the capital is about to cross the 5,000 mark of dengue fever cases, Delhities are again facing the havoc spread by the dengue mosquitoes. Blame it on the change in the weather ahead of the winter season, but unfortunately, dengue mosquitoes are back in action, so is Delhi prepared?


More and more people in Delhi are experiencing the same old dengue symptoms and looking for dengue fever treatment. If you want to stay safe from this mosquito-borne disease, it is time you plan dengue prevention right away. While the MCD has already started with fogging to control dengue in the city, it is your own responsibility to prevent this disease from reaching out to you!


So, how to prevent dengue in Delhi? You will learn about the best tips for dengue prevention in this article, so do not go anywhere. 


AutoMos - Mosquito Repellent Machines



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Get HiCare AutoMos for 100% Dengue Prevention at Home


Do not panic seeing surging cases of dengue in Delhi. Simply enhance your mosquito protection by using something as unique and trustworthy as the new AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machinefrom the house of HiCare. One compact machine is the answer to all your mosquito woes! Just hang AutoMos on a wall near your window or door and enjoy 24x7 mosquito protection. 

How Does AutoMos Protect Against Dengue in Delhi?


Curious to know how AutoMos helps protect against dengue mosquitoes? For this, you must check out the smart features of AutoMos listed below:


AutoMos FeatureExplanation
1. Automatic MechanismAutoMos is India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent dispenser that works with 2 1.5V AA batteries and comes with options to set the spray frequency
2. 4x Less Chemical ReleaseUnlike other mosquito repellents, AutoMos releases 4 times less chemicals and is therefore considered as an eco-friendly mosquito control product
3. 100% Safe FormulaAutoMos uses 12% Transfluthrin in its refill, which is a fast-acting and 100% safe active ingredient used to repel mosquitoes
4. No Odor, No Side EffectsNo smell, no vapors make AutoMos the safest mosquito repellent in India even for those allergic to smells
5. 24x7 Mosquito ProtectionEnjoy fresh air from open windows without worrying about mosquitoes
6. Hassle-Free One-Time InstallationAutoMos is an easy-to-use mosquito-repellent dispenser that comes with a one-time installation
7. Long Lasting ResultsOne original refill of AutoMos works for 90 days costing just Rs. 5 per day


How to Stop Dengue?


Why look for dengue fever treatment, when you can actually prevent this disease by following some mosquito control measures? Listed below are some effective ways of putting a tab on dengue in Delhi and whichever city you live in:


1.     Install AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Dispenser: The ultimate solution to live without worrying about dengue mosquitoes is by installing a powerful mosquito repellent machine like AutoMos. Order the AutoMos Starter Pack if you have not bought it yet and turn your home into a mosquito-free zone for a good 90 days with just 1 original AutoMos Refill inserted in this automatic mosquito repellent machine. 


2.     Use Mosquito and Fly Catcher Machines: When at the office or workplace, install the HiCare Fly Catcher Machineto kill dengue mosquitoes approaching you for a bite. The best thing about this machine is that it kills mosquitoes and all other flying insects with no zapping sound and without using any harmful chemicals. 


3.     Community Efforts: Dengue prevention is possible if you go in sync with your entire community. In short, community efforts in implementing dengue mosquito control measures can go a long way in preventing the outbreak of this disease in a community. 


4.     Avoid Peak Mosquito Time: Remember that mosquitoes are found to be extremely active during dawn and dusk time. So, to double your protection against dengue fever avoid stepping out during this peak mosquito time. 


5.     Maintain Clean Surroundings: Maintaining clean and neat surroundings can also help minimize the risk of dengue in Delhi. Ensure trimming the garden grasses on time to prevent mosquitoes from hiding out there.


6.     Eliminate Stagnant Water: We all know that dengue mosquitoes tend to breed in stagnant water. So, every effort should be made to eliminate standing water around your home to prevent dengue fever. For this, you must regularly empty water containers, buckets, tires, and bird baths. 



We now assume you have got the answer to how to prevent dengue fever. Preventing this mosquito-borne disease is possible if you follow a combination of mosquito preventive measures and use a good quality mosquito repellent machine such as HiCare AutoMos. Make the most of the festive season and order some amazing AutoMos Starter Pack and Refill Combos at discounted prices from HiCareAmazonMeesho, or Flipkart