Unfortuntaley it is sad to say that humans can’t exist on this planet without creating garbage! Be it at home or the workplace, we are in a habit of dumping a lot of garbage, which in turn hits backs on us either by attracting pests or by harming the environment as a whole. 


Although you can keep a check on pests attracted towards the garbage with regular Pest control services, we feel dustbin bags play an important role in preventing pest infestations.  Choosing biodegradable or compostable garbage bags is way better than traditional garbage bags that are harmful to the flora, fauna, and marine life.


Through this post, we aim to acquaint you with the best garbage bags to prevent pest infestations at home or office. Besides, we will also share some useful tips to prevent pests from garbage areas. 


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Order OXO BinCare Biodegradable Garbage Bags


The best way to keep pests away from garbage areas is by using the new and very effective OXO BinCare Biodegradable Garbage Bags.These come from the house of HiCare, India’s leading pest control solution provider. 


Designed using innovative pest-repellent technology, these OXO garbage bags are made of Virgin Plastic that gets easily dissolved in the soil and water. One roll of OXO BinCare contains 30 garbage bags, each measuring 19x21 inches and is capable of holding up to 3.5 kgs of garbage. 


Main Features of HiCare OXO BinCare Biodegradable Dustbin Bags


Thinking why to switch from traditional garbage bags to OXO BinCare biodegradable garbage bags? The table below highlights the main features of these eco-friendly compostable garbage bags that will convince you to order these now:


Pest Repellent TechnologyHiCare OXO BinCare are India’s 1st garbage bags made using pest-repellent technology
Odour Mask TechnologyBinCare dustbin bags are made using the innovative odour mask technology that masks the original smell of the garbage with a minty smell
Anti-cockroach and Anti-Rodent Garbage BagsThanks to the pest-repellent technology and odour mask technology, OXO biodegradable dustbin bags help deter cockroaches and rodents from flocking around your garbage bins
Eco-Friendly and BiodegradableOXO BinCare from the house of HiCare are eco-friendly garbage bags made of 100% virgin plastic that are less harmful to the environment
Leak-Proof and SturdyMade of leak-proof sturdy material, these garbage bags come with a string attached for easy handling and disposal
Perforated for Easy UseOXO bags come perforated for easy tear from the roll of 30, to use one bag at a time easily from the roll
AffordableTo enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits of OXO BinCare garbage bags you need not poke a hole in your pocket, as these are not expensive at all and cost as traditional dustbin bags


How to Prevent Pests from Garbage Areas?


Have a look at some smart ways of preventing pests from the garbage area:


1.     Use OXO Anti-Cockroach Biodegradable Garbage Bags: Say bye to pests like cockroaches and rodents by simply replacing your traditional dustbin bags with HiCare OXO biodegradable dustbin bags. These help to repel cockroaches and rodents with a mint fragrance and help prevent the spread of diseases. 


2.     Change Your Garbage Bags Daily: The second important thing to do to prevent pests from getting attracted to the garbage area is to replace your garbage bags daily and if needed twice a day. It will help keep rotten garbage away from the area and minimize pest attraction towards the garbage area. 


3.     Regularly Clean the Garbage Bins: Likewise, we do recommend you maintain a clean dustbin and for this, it is important to wash and dry it regularly. It will help avoid pest issues on a premise due to garbage disposal. 


4.     Use Garbage Bins with Lids: It has been noted that pests get attracted to garbage bins that are missing the top lid. So, every effort should be made to use a garbage bin with a lid that can be closed after each use. It will prevent not just cockroaches, and rats, but flies too.


5.     Fix Leakages Around the Garbage Area: At the same time, another way of preventing pests from the garbage area is by keeping it dry. Pests are naturally drawn towards areas where they can easily avail moisture. So, fix all types of leakages around the garbage area to keep it pest-free.




Paying attention to how you dispose of your garbage and maintain the garbage bins plays a vital role in keeping pests away from any premise, be it a residential property or a commercial property. It is time to look for something that helps keep pests away and is not harmful to the environment as well, so do the same by ordering OXO BinCare Biodegradable Garbage Bags - Pack of 4 now from HiCare for just Rs. 299 instead of the original price of Rs. 520!