Finding a safe mosquito killer machine for children at home is a big concern, isn’t it? Keeping mosquitoes away is important but not at the cost of your child’s safety. You never know the side effects the so-called best mosquito repellent machine might cause to your small children at home.


Thankfully, we now have HiCare AutoMos, the safest mosquito repellent for small children. Although a new product launched a year ago, AutoMos from the house of HiCare claims to offer 100% mosquito protection without causing side effects. Are you curious to know how safe is the AutoMos mosquito dispenser for children? Then, do not go anywhere and read this entire post to understand what makes AutoMos the most effective and safest mosquito control product.


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How Safe is AutoMos for Children?


With so many mosquito repellents available in the market, it might be a serious battle to pick the right one. The concern is even bigger if you have small children at home. Put all your concerns about the safety of a mosquito control product aside by bringing the new and safe AutoMos mosquito repellent dispenser.


Designed to emit 4 times less chemicals than any other mosquito repellent, AutoMos offers uninterrupted mosquito protection for 24 hours 7 days a week. One original AutoMos Refill contains 12% Transfluthrin, which is a completely safe formula for kids, grandparents, pregnant ladies, and even pets at home.


5 Safe Features of AutoMos Machine


Now, have a look at the amazing features of the AutoMos dispenser that make it safe for kids:


1.     24x7 mosquito protection

2.     Keeps mosquitoes away even if windows and doors are open

3.     No pungent smell

4.     Effective against flies too

5.     Automatic mechanism which is safe for kids at home


7 Side Effects of Other Mosquito Repellent Machines


Want to dig deeper to understand how AutoMos is better and safer than other mosquito repellents, we are now listing some common side effects of using other mosquito repellents:


1.     Skin irritation

2.     Itching

3.     Sore throat

4.     Respiratory reactions

5.     Asthma

6.     Headache

7.     Discomfort to senses


Switching to AutoMos mosquito killer machine saves you from all these above-listed harmful effects of mosquito repellents. 


Customer Reviews for AutoMos HiCare


Here is a testament from customers who have used this amazing product that HiCare AutoMos is safe for children:


5* Review Rating


“Best mosquito killer machine”


“Never thought that a mosquito killer machine could be so safe and release no smell, and yet be so effective against mosquitoes. Thanks, AutoMos for your no-smell formula and 24x7 mosquito protection.”

- Resham Puri, Coimbatore


4.5* Review Rating


“No smell, no allergies”


“I have turned a big fan of AutoMos mosquito repellent dispenser because it is not just effective but safe for my aged in-laws and tiny tots. No harmful smell and no risk of allergies, and this is the best thing I found in AutoMos.”

- Sakshi Malhotra, Mumbai


5* Review Rating


“Pocket-friendly mosquito protection without side effects”


“Used to hate each time my wife told me to buy mosquito repellent refills and the same refills made my kids cough. Life is now different with AutoMos, which is pocket-friendly and safe too.”

- Gagan Gupta, New Delhi


How to Order HiCare AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine?


No need to worry about where to buy the AutoMos Starter Pack, you can order it online from HiCare’s official website and other prominent e-commerce sites. Those of you who have already purchased the AutoMos machine can order the original AutoMos refill packs and save a lot of money and ensure complete mosquito protection at home. 

Here are a few options to consider when trying to save money buying AutoMos products from HiCare:


AutoMos Pack
AutoMos 2 Starter Packs
AutoMos 1 Refill Pack
AutoMos 2 Refill Packs
AutoMos 3 Refill Packs
AutoMos 4 Refill Packs
AutoMos 10 Refill Packs
AutoMos 365 Supersaver Pack (1 Machine + 4 Refills)




We assume you won’t ask if AutoMos is safe for children because you now know it is the best mosquito repellent for children at home that releases fewer chemicals than other repellents. So, hurry, order AutoMos, its refill, or super saver packs online from HiCare, Amazon, Flipkart, or Meesho.