Excited to go on a tour in the coming days? But, is the thought of mosquito bites fading that joy away? Do you think you might need a mosquito bite treatment in the middle of a vacation? Leave all such thoughts aside, because AutoMos from the house of HiCare can be your traveling partner shielding you from all types of mosquitoes. 


We can bet when you set out to buy a mosquito repellent, you will find plenty of options to consider but are they all capable of protecting you from mosquito bites when you are travelling? But, there is one innovative mosquito control product that can allow you to travel smart, sleep and stay mosquito-free anywhere you go! Read this post to learn more about it and other handy tips to keep mosquitoes away when you travel. 


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Prevent Mosquito Bites with HiCare AutoMos


The best way to kill mosquitoes has been recently introduced by HiCare, a trusted name in pest control. The company launched the ultimate mosquito prevention device called the AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Dispenser. No more worries about how to stop mosquito bites with AutoMos. Whether you stay at home or are travelling and planning to stay inside a hotel, AutoMos will protect you against all sorts of mosquitoes. 


Mosquito Control Made Easy Using AutoMos Mosquito Repellent 


Order the AutoMos Starter Pack and see its amazing results in keeping mosquitoes at bay even with open windows and doors. Its safe 12% Transfluthrin formula is completely safe for everyone, be it adults, children, pregnant women, or the elderly. Unlike other mosquito repellents, you need not switch it ON or OFF daily before and after use, just install it once and it works on its own making your surroundings mosquito-free. 


How to Prevent Mosquito Bite when Traveling?


Are you about to travel in the coming days? Then, it is obvious for you to look for a good mosquito repellent for outside. Besides using a good mosquito killer outdoors, there are other things you can do to prevent the need for any mosquito bite treatment. Have a look at how to prevent mosquito bites when travelling: 


1.     Use a Mosquito Killer Machine for Outdoor Hotel Stay: The ultimate way to avoid mosquito bites when travelling is by using the most effective mosquito killer machine AutoMos. Just hang it in your hotel room and see not a single mosquito will dare trouble you when you are staying indoors in a hotel. 


2.     Mosquito Pest Control: The best thing you can do to ensure you sleep in a mosquito-free hotel when travelling outside your home is to book a room in a hotel that gets mosquito pest control at regular intervals. This way, you can expect a safe stay in that hotel without the mosquito menace.


3.     Apply a Mosquito Repellent Cream: Travel smart without the risk of mosquito bites by applying an effective mosquito repellent cream or ointment. However, devote some time to picking the right one that is non-sticky and long-lasting to serve your actual purpose of keeping mosquitoes away when outdoors.


4.     Wear Protective Clothing: Last but not least, you can always travel safely without fearing mosquito bites by wearing appropriate clothing. What we mean to say is to wear protective clothing to minimize skin exposure for mosquitoes to bite when travelling. 




So, to cut it short, when preparing a list of items to carry for a tour, do add the AutoMos machine to your list. AutoMos can be ordered online from a variety of platforms like HiCareFlipkartMeesho, or Amazon. So, hurry, order the starter pack if you have not yet tried it, or if you already have the machine, then order the AutoMos 4 Refill Pack and save money in the long run while ensuring a whole year of mosquito protection with this best mosquito killer in India.