Mosquito bites are common and most of the time I wonder why mosquitoes bite me more and why do they bite on my feet and ankles. If this is the same query that bothers you, then you will get the right answers here. How to get rid of mosquitoes is a problem we all face and most of us also look for mosquito bites treatment. 


After all, we can’t keep our feet and ankles covered all the time, so why not use a super effective mosquito repellent machine like AutoMos to protect our feet and ankles from mosquito bites? Join us in this post to understand why mosquitoes bite and how to avoid mosquito bites using AutoMos - the best mosquito-killer machine for home. 


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How to Prevent Mosquito Bites with AutoMos Machine?


You will forget to ask why do mosquito bites itch if you install the ultimate Mosquito Repellent Machineat home. This smart device will turn your home into a mosquito-free zone, and you will no longer ask such questions about mosquitoes and their behaviour. Launched by HiCare, a leading pest control service provider in India for over 30 years, HiCare AutoMos machine is India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent dispenser. 


AutoMos is the only machine that allows you to keep windows and doors open without letting a single mosquito enter your home. This kind of liberty was never possible, but thanks to AutoMos for its 24x7 mosquito protection formula that releases fewer chemicals in each spray. On top of it, you get to enjoy this protection affordability, as one original refill of AutoMos lasts for 3 months. 


Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Feet and Ankle for a Bite?


Most of us know why do mosquito bites itch, but do we know why do they bite on our feet and ankles? Remember understanding their motive will be great in understanding this peculiar behavior. So, let us explore this by reading further:


1.     More Heat and Moisture: The prime reason for mosquitoes to bite our ankles and feet is that these are comparatively warmer areas of our body and they are also more hydrated. Heat and moisture are the two main things mosquitoes look for, hence they attack these body parts. 


2.     CO2 Attraction: You might not know but because our feet and ankles are closer to the ground, there is more CO2 around due to the proximity to the ground. Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to CO2 and hence end up biting feet and ankles that we place near the ground.


3.     Lack of Defense: At the same time, do not forget that ankles and feet are far from our hands, and we hardly get that active to ward these insects away from these lower parts of our body. As a result, mosquitoes easily succeed in sucking blood from our ankles and feet. 


4.     Uncovered Area: Another common reason why mosquitoes prefer biting our feet and ankles is that we keep them uncovered most of the time, especially during warmer seasons. This gives mosquitoes easy access to land on our feet and ankles for a bite. 


5.     Proximity to Blood Vessels: Last but not least, the blood vessels are closer to the surface of our ankles and feet. Therefore, mosquitoes get easy access to the blood supply by biting these areas. 


5 Tips for Avoiding Mosquito Bites


Now, that you are aware of why mosquitoes bite on feet and ankles, it is time to grasp some knowledge about how to avoid mosquito bites. So, here are some smart tricks for mosquito bite prevention:


1.     Book Mosquito Pest Control Treatment: Leave the task of repelling mosquitoes to the expert team of HiCare by booking the 3X Mosquito Control Treatment.


2.     Install AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine: Hang the AutoMos machine on a wall and see how easy it is to keep mosquitoes away. 


3.     Wear Protective Clothing: Keep yourself safe from mosquito bites by keeping your body covered as much as possible. 


4.     Use Natural Mosquito Repellents: Try using natural mosquito repellents such as coffee, camphor, garlic, pepper, and cloves to get rid of mosquitoes and their bites.


5.     Place Mosquito Repellent Plants: Try to keep mosquitoes away by keeping indoor or outdoor plants that release aromas that mosquitoes hate such as marigold, peppermint, lemongrass, and catnip. 



To conclude, one thing is for sure mosquito behaviour is strange and often leaves us wondering about the peculiar pattern of these blood-suckers biting us on the feet and ankles. Investing in the AutoMos Starter Pack can be a real investment to ward off the risk of getting bitten by these tiny beasts and to minimize the risk of dengue and malaria. So, hurry, order AutoMos or its refill packs online from HiCare, Meesho, Flipkart, and Amazon.