Do you feel that the persistent hum of mosquitoes echoes through the summer nights is only for some selective people? One of the major reasons for mosquitoes bite some people more than others is because of their blood group. This might sound strange, but yes, mosquito bites more to some blood groups. 


The relationship between mosquitoes and blood types has been a topic of interest and investigation among scientists for years. If you really wish to know how to get rid of mosquitoes, then you must follow a combination of mosquito prevention measures and professional mosquito control. In this post, we will discuss how mosquitoes are attracted to which blood group and why. 


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Book Mosquito Pest Control 


The other ultimate solution to prevent mosquitoes in all seasons and for all reasons is booking a mosquito pest control service. Get it from the HiCare team, who has been doing it for over 30 years with expertise using safe chemicals and the latest techniques that work against these tiny bloodsuckers. HiCare offers India’s 1st 3x Mosquito Control Treatment that uses a holistic approach to treating the air, water, and walls inside your home to repel all types of mosquitoes. 


Which Blood Type Attract Mosquitoes the Most?


So, coming back to which blood attracts mosquitoes? The idea that mosquitoes are more attracted to individuals with a specific blood type is a common belief. Research suggests that mosquitoes are primarily attracted to their hosts through various cues such as body heat, carbon dioxide, and chemicals found in their skin or sweat. 


Different types of blood groups mean different sets of proteins. Research conducted in the past revealed that mosquitoes are more interested in biting people with blood group O, which secretes H antigen. During some research, it was found that mosquitoes preferred landing on those with blood group O because of the secretions this blood group does through sweat. 


The Connection Between Mosquito Bites and Blood Group ‘O’


It is also worth noting that while you might feel that your being blood group O is the prime reason for mosquitoes attacking you, there could be several other reasons for mosquitoes biting you more than others. For instance, the type of smell you emit, heat, and even the types of bacteria your body has. Moreover, the research is still going on to come to a conclusion that blood group O is the favourite blood group that mosquitoes look for in their targets. 


Other Things that Attract Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are attracted not just by a specific blood group, there are a couple of things that also act as mosquito magnets. What are these things that attract mosquitoes? Have a look:


Mosquito AttractionReason
CO2The more a person exhales CO2, the higher the risk to get mosquito bites because CO2 releases heat, a prime attraction for mosquitoes
WaterAreas close to coastal regions or rivers usually have high mosquito population because abundance of water gives these species more chances to breed
SweatPeople who sweat profusely will definitely attract mosquitoes because they will release more ammonia, uric acid, and lactic acid. All these will be released through sweat and attract mosquitoes
Floral AromaMosquitoes are one of those species that get attracted to floral scents, so avoid using perfumes that release floral smells if you want to minimize the risk of mosquito bites
PregnancyA study conducted in 2000 revealed that pregnant women are more prone to mosquito bites because they have a high body temperature and also releases more CO2
ColorSome research conducted in 2018 revealed that mosquitoes also have some color preference. They are drawn more towards darker shades like black, grey, and blue
Body OdorThe body odor released by a person also plays a vital role in attracting mosquitoes. According to a study, higher volume of bacteria found on a person’s skin and certain genetic factors releasing peculiar body odor attracts mosquitoes



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