Living in India means relying on mosquito repellent to get rid of mosquito bites. For this, people use different kinds of repellents and the most commonly used comes in the form of a mosquito repellent cream. But, times have changed and now we have something as effective and amazing as the new AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Dispenser. 


Launched last year by the best pest control service provider, HiCare, AutoMos has emerged as the most effective mosquito killer machine in India. Curious to know how it is different from mosquito repellent creams that we have been using for ages? Then, stay tuned and we will disclose all the differences and you will agree with us that AutoMos is the best mosquito killer machine for complete mosquito prevention. 


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What Makes HiCare AutoMos the Best Mosquito Repellent?


Having said that AutoMos is the best mosquito repellent machine, we know you might find it hard to believe and would think of comparing it with the traditional mosquito repellent creams available in the market. So, we are trying to make it easy for you by helping you compare AutoMos with mosquito repellent creams on various factors. Once you go through these, we bet you will order the AutoMos Starter Packfor sure to enjoy living in a mosquito-free home. 


How is AutoMos HiCare Mosquito Repellent Machine Different from Mosquito Repellent Creams?


The table below enlists all the main comparison factors between HiCare AutoMos Machine and Mosquito Repellent Creams or Lotions that are available in the market:


Comparison FactorHiCare AutoMosMosquito Repellent Cream
FormA compact machine that releases sprays on its own after regular intervalsA topical cream that is applied onto the skin
Results24x7 mosquito protection even with open windows and doorsEffective only at the body part where the cream is applied
Side Effects100% safe for children, elders, pregnant ladies, and petsMay cause allergic reactions to the skin and itching
AffordabilityOne original refill lasts for 90 days costing just Rs. 5 per dayOne pack of 100 grams costing approximately Rs. 100 might get consumed within a week
Convenience to UseAutomatic mosquito repellent machine runs on 2 AA batteries after a one-time installationMight appear sticky and smelly to some users
ApplicationTotal hands-free application. Hang it, set the spray timing and switch it ON, nothing else needed to operate it for full mosquito protectionMessy application and you need to apply it every few hours to get mosquito protection only to the body parts where the cream is applied
CoverageWide coverage for the entire room where it is installedRestricted coverage only to the body part where the cream is applied


10 Special Features of HiCare AutoMos


Now, let us elaborate a bit more about the unique features of HiCare AutoMos Machine that make it better than mosquito-repellent creams, liquid vaporizers, and coils. Have a look:


1.     Battery-operated Mechanism: India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent machine that works on 2 AA batteries


2.     4 Times Fewer Chemical Release: Better than all types of mosquito control products because it releases 4 times fewer chemicals in each spray 


3.     No Smell, No Fumes: The completely no-smell formula makes it the first choice for many users who experienced allergic reactions to other mosquito repellents


4.     100% Safe for Everyone: Uses 12% Transfluthrin, which is 100% safe for small children, pets, pregnant ladies, and grandparents at home


5.     Effective Against Mosquitoes and Flies: Keeps not just mosquitoes, but house flies away


6.     One-Time Installation: Easy to install by reading the instructions mentioned on the pack 


7.     Wide Coverage: One AutoMos machine is good for turning a standard room into a mosquito-free zone


8.     Easy to Use: No manual operation is needed for each use


9.     One Refill for 90 Days Mosquito Protection: One refill offers 90 mosquito-free days


10.  24x7 Mosquito Protection with Open Windows and Doors: No mosquito enters from open windows when AutoMos is installed inside your home



In a nutshell, the comparison table given in this post has highlighted all the benefits of using AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine. So, if you too are convinced and itching to use this best mosquito killer machine for home, then feel free to order it online from HiCare, Amazon, Flipkart, or Meesho now. Options are galore when it comes to ordering AutoMos, you can buy only the machine, its refill, starter pack, super saver combo pack for 365 days, and much more.