As winter descends and the chill in the air prompts humans to bundle up, a common question arises, do mosquitoes hibernate too during winters? Generally, we associate mosquitoes with warm temperatures and summer nights. So, when do mosquitoes hibernate and how do they hibernate?


You might wonder, when is the time that you can give rest to your mosquito repellents? Frankly speaking, the right time to stop using any kind of mosquito repellent is the time when mosquitoes hibernate. So, join us in this post to understand do mosquitoes hibernate. If yes, how do mosquitoes hibernate and where do they hibernate?


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Do Mosquitoes Hibernate?


You will be surprised to know that contrary to the common belief that mosquitoes hibernate, these species merely enter a state called diapause, wherein their development is suspended for a while due to extreme cold or other environmental reasons like the length of the day and temperature. 


Temperature Plays a Big Role in Mosquito Activity Around Us


Whether you know it or not, the temperature is the deciding factor for mosquitoes to be found around us or not. The time when we feel mosquitoes are hibernating, they are in the diapause state, as we mentioned above. This makes it very clear that as temperature drops in the fall and daylight hours decrease, these tiny pests sense these changes and prepare for the impending winter by hiding. The same drop in temperature slows down their metabolic process and they automatically start conserving energy to endure the harsh conditions. 


Importance of Regular Mosquito Control


No doubt that mosquitoes do play a crucial role in the ecosystem as pollinators and a food source for other creatures. But, we can’t ignore the fact that these are the same species carrying infections like malaria, chikungunya, and dengue by carrying the infected virus and bacteria. Hence, it is important to implement preventive measures to help reduce mosquito populations and minimize the risk of disease transmission. 


How to Prevent Mosquitoes from Hiding During Diapause State


Now that you know mosquitoes do not hibernate but diapause, so it is important you also know how to prevent them from entering their state anywhere around your abode. So, here are some useful tips:


·        Keep your surroundings clean and dry

·        Remove hollow logs from the Garden

·        Drain out objects that accumulate water

·        Clean gutters and drains inside your home and outside, if possible

·        Book regular pest control services from experts like HiCare




So, we assume you have got the answer that mosquitoes don’t really hibernate, they just enter a state called diapause during the winter months to employ survival strategies to endure the cold weather. This will certainly help you plan for effective control at home with professional pest control companies like HiCare. Book mosquito control treatment from HiCare when mosquitoes are most active and keep the risk of contracting vector-borne diseases low.