We all know mosquitoes bite, but do we also know what they use to suck our blood after that bite? These buzzing insects employ a sophisticated mechanism to indulge in one of their most essential activities - blood feeding. Blame it on the mosquito’s proboscis, a needle-like structure with six specialized needles for sucking our blood with every single mosquito bite. 


Most people who look for ways how get rid of mosquitoes, end up booking a mosquito pest control service. But there is a unique mosquito control product that can help you save yourself from mosquito bites. Continue reading to learn how mosquitoes suck blood and what should be done to prevent them. 


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How Mosquitoes Drink Blood with 6 Needles?


Mosquitoes are blessed with a unique mouthpart called a proboscis that comprises six needles, as we mentioned in the introduction. All these six needles work in concert to enable the mosquito to first pierce the skin then locate the blood vessels, and finally extract our blood. Here is a detailed explanation of how mosquitoes use 6 needles to drink our blood:


1.     Labrum: It is the outermost flexible sheath that acts like a protective covering for the other needle-like structures that surround the other mouthpart during the blood-feeding process. 


2.     Stylets: The stylets are the main piercing structures present in the mosquito’s body that are contained within the labrum. There are two pairs of stylets including mandibles and maxillae. The mandibles are used to help the mosquitoes to make the initial incision in the skin. The maxillae are used to widen the incision and hold the blood vessel open for feeding. 


3.     Hypopharynx: It is a tube situated in the centre of the stylets that helps mosquitoes inject saliva into the host’s blood vessels. It is the mosquito saliva that carries anticoagulants to prevent blood from clotting, thereby making it easier for mosquitoes to feed and suck our blood. 


4.     Labium: It is the final needle-like structure that surrounds the other mouthparts and is used to encase the stylets and the hypopharynx during the blood-feeding process.


The actual feeding process starts the moment mosquitoes land on the host’s body to locate suitable blood vessels. Remember it is the female mosquitoes that feed on blood to develop their eggs, while male mosquitoes only feed on nectar. 


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