Do you think mosquitoes are active during some time of the year, and inactive the rest of the year? Well, then you are not alone, many people think so about mosquitoes. Although mosquitoes are common all around the year, but they are extremely active during some particular times of the day and year. 


By mosquito season, we mean the time of the year, when these tiny flying beasts are very active in biting and breeding. Mosquitoes generally prefer warm temperatures to come out of their hideouts to hunt for their prey. So, temperature plays an important role in deciding the active mosquito season for these species. 


To help you out protect yourself from mosquito menace in the active mosquito season, we are sharing some useful tips for mosquito prevention at home. These effective measures for mosquito prevention and control will minimize the chances of mosquito bites for kids, and adults alike. 


When are Mosquitoes Most Active in India?


The time between May to October is considered the most active mosquito season in India. The abundance of greenery around, humidity in the air, and warm temperature; all three are the best conditions for all types of mosquitoes to grow and multiply across the nation. 


Do plan in advance to protect yourself from mosquitoes in this active mosquito season. Companies selling mosquito killer and insect killer machines tend to see a sharp rise in their sales, especially during the rainy and summer season. It is because both these are the most active mosquito and insect seasons. 


Peak Mosquito Hours of a Day


It’s not that mosquitoes can be found only during the active mosquito season; you can spot these in great numbers during certain hours of the day. It has been observed that mosquitoes are super active during dawn, dusk, and night time. These are the times of the day when the temperature is suitable for the mosquitoes to come out from their hideouts and feed themselves on human or animal blood. 


On the other hand, mosquitoes prefer hiding during the noon time due to high temperatures, which tends to dehydrate them quickly. So, in short, you must avoid going out to places where mosquitoes can bite you during the sunrise, sunset, and nighttime because these are the peak mosquito hours of the day. 


Now that you are aware of the active mosquito season, it is time you look out for the best ways to protect yourself from these mosquitoes and their bites. 


So, have a look at these effective mosquito prevention and control tips:


7 Best Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes During Active Mosquito Season


  1. Wear Protective Clothing
  2. Remove or Treat Stagnant Water
  3. Use Natural Mosquito Repellents
  4. Use Mosquito Nets and Screens
  5. Place Mosquito Repellent Plants
  6. Maintain a Trimmed Garden
  7. Avoid Scents that Attract Mosquitoes


1. Wear Protective Clothing


The best way to stay protected in the active mosquito season is to wear protective clothing. To minimize the risk of mosquito bites in the active mosquito season, try to minimize body exposure.


Mosquitoes will find it hard to bite you if you keep your body covered. So, wear full-length pants and full-length sleeve clothes for the best mosquito prevention.


2. Remove or Treat Stagnant Water


Drain all the stagnant water around your house to repel mosquitoes in the active mosquito season. Mosquitoes tend to breed in standing water, so removing or treating such breeding grounds is crucial to stop these mosquitoes from attacking you.


If discarding standing water is not possible, treat it using effective insecticides to kill the mosquito larvae breeding in it.


3. Use Natural Mosquito Repellents


An effective way to protect yourself from mosquitoes during the active mosquito season is by using natural mosquito repellents. Free of chemicals and found quite effective in repelling all types of mosquitoes, some natural products work fine as mosquito repellents and help prevent mosquito bites.


For instance, try using garlic and onion mosquito spray, lemon inserted with cloves, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, and citronella essential oils that can be used as natural mosquito repellents.


4. Use Mosquito Nets and Screens


Another traditional way of preventing mosquitoes in active mosquito season is by using mosquito nets and screens. You can buy them easily or order them online in your preferred size.


The idea here is to prohibit mosquitoes from entering your premise by installing windows screens. In case, there are already mosquitoes inside your premise, you can sleep comfortably under a mosquito net placed above your bed.


5. Place Mosquito Repellent Plants


Placing some indoor plants with strong aromas like catnip, citronella, peppermint, holy basil, and lemongrass can help you repel mosquitoes in all seasons.


These mosquito-repellent plants will not just keep the mosquitoes away but will add beauty to your premise.


6. Maintain a Trimmed Garden

If you want to stay away from mosquito bites make sure to maintain a trimmed garden. Mosquitoes and even all types of pests are fond of hiding in the overgrown green grasses.


So, maintain your landscape and garden well-maintained and trimmed to avoid mosquito bites.


7. Avoid Scents that Attract Mosquitoes

It has been proven that mosquitoes are attracted to certain smells so why not avoid those particular smells to repel mosquitoes? Products that spread aromatic fragrances of flowers tend to attract mosquitoes.


So, avoid using such scented products as shampoos, perfumes, soaps, and body lotions to prevent mosquitoes during the active mosquito season. 




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1. What are the 3 best ways to prevent mosquitoes?


The three best ways to prevent mosquitoes are:


·       Eliminate standing water: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water so it is crucial to remove any sources of standing water around your home such as empty flowerpots, buckets and birdbaths.

·       Use mosquito repellent: Apply mosquito repellent that contains picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus to exposed skin when you are outside.

·       Wear protective clothing: Wear long sleeved shirts, pants and socks to reduce the amount of exposed skin.


2. How do I make myself less prone to mosquitoes?


To make yourself less prone to mosquitoes you can:


·       Dress in light colored, loose fitting clothing that covers your arms and legs.

·       Use mosquito repellent containing picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus.

·       Stay indoors during dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

·       Keep windows and doors closed or screened to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home.


3. What keeps mosquitoes away naturally?


There are several natural ways to keep mosquitoes away such as:


·       Burning citronella candles or torches.

·       Using essential oils like lavender, peppermint or tea tree oil.

·       Installing a bat house or birdhouse to attract natural mosquito predators.

·       Planting mosquito-repelling plants like catnip, citronella grass and marigolds.


4. What are mosquitoes worst enemy?


Mosquitoes have several natural enemies including:


·       Bats: Bats are known to eat large quantities of mosquitoes making them a natural predator.

·       Dragonflies: Dragonflies are also known to eat mosquitoes and are particularly effective at catching them in flight.

·       Fish: Some species of fish such as guppies and minnows feed on mosquito larvae in standing water.

·       Birds: Swallows and purple martins are known to consume large numbers of mosquitoes.


5. What colors do mosquitoes hate?


Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors especially black and blue as they appear to them as potential hosts. Wearing light colored clothing such as white or pastel shades can help to make you less visible to mosquitoes.