A candlelight dinner, fresh air, and the company of your life partner are enough to have a romantic date at home. Isn’t it? But, what about mosquitoes? With fresh air from the open windows comes the mosquitoes too! Not anymore, with AutoMos on the walls, you can experience a mosquito downfall!


Enjoy a dinner date with your mate with AutoMos Mosquito Repellent – India’s 1st automatic battery-operated mosquito dispenser machine. One refill lasts for a good 90 days allowing you to enjoy fresh air keeping your windows open 24x7.


Works well with the original AutoMos refill, this is an innovative and safe mosquito repellent machine for kids, the elderly, and pets too. The 12% Transfluthrin Aerosol Refill of AutoMos releases 4 times less chemicals with no pungent smell.


Order the AutoMos Starter Pack now from HiCare, Flipkart or Amazon and avail the introductory offer until the stock lasts! The starter pack includes the AutoMos Mosquito Dispenser Machine, 1 Original Refill and 2 AA 1.5V Batteries.


Just buy, install, and switch it on! That’s AutoMos offering you complete indoor mosquito protection. Definitely, a safe bet to make your home machchar-free with open windows this summer season!


Watch this ad to learn more about this revolutionary product:



Stay tuned for two more such videos in line showcasing the various features and benefits of AutoMos!


Hope you enjoy the ad!