Looking for something miraculous to protect you from mosquitoes and their bites in the coming summer and rainy season? Then, look no further! Choose the new AutoMos mosquito repellent machine from the house of HiCare. 


AutoMos is India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent dispenser which releases less chemicals and still offers round-the-clock indoor mosquito protection. With AutoMos on a wall, you will experience no mosquitoes at all inside your home for up to 90 days with one single refill!


Not convinced yet? Do not worry, at the end of this post, check out the HiCare AutoMos Reviews shared by some happy customers who are recommending this product for complete mosquito protection. 


AutoMos – The Best Mosquito Repellent in India for 2023


You might find it hard to believe, but soon after its launch, HiCare AutoMos mosquito repellent machine has become India’s favorite mosquito product. People are choosing it for total mosquito protection inside their homes. 


Unlike other mosquito repellents, AutoMos doesn’t restrict you from closing your windows and doors during its operation. You can enjoy fresh air from open windows and still get protected from all types of mosquitoes and that’s the main USP of the AutoMos machine. 


Smart Features of AutoMos Mosquito Repellent


Curious to know what makes AutoMos the best mosquito repellent machine in India for 2023? There is not one but multiple unique features that make AutoMos, the No.1 choice for those looking for an effective and affordable mosquito control product in India.


Check the list of interesting features of AutoMos:


  • 4x times less chemical release
  • 24x7 mosquito protection
  • No pungent smell
  • 100% safe for kids, pets, and the elderly
  • 90 mosquito-free days with 1 refill
  • Costs just Rs. 5 per day
  • Hassle-free usage and one-time installation



Functioning of AutoMos Mosquito Killer Machine


Using AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine is pretty simple. Once installed properly, the machine can offer you up to 90 days of mosquito protection with a standard 2 hours spray frequency. 


To enjoy its proper functioning try installing the machine in the following steps:


  • Shake the refill
  • Insert the refill and 2 1.5V AA batteries into the machine
  • Set the frequency (30/ 60/ 90/ 120 min.)
  • Set the operation of mode (day/night)
  • Hang the AutoMos machine on a wall near a window or door
  • Switch it on


HiCare AutoMos Reviews

4.5 Star Rating


“Too effective and cost-friendly mosquito control product”


My search for an effective and cost-friendly mosquito control product has come to an end when I chose AutoMos mosquito repellent machine. The best thing about this machine is that one refill has worked for 3 months and not a single mosquito entered my house during this time. I am actually enjoying using AutoMos, which is saving my money and me from mosquitoes.”


-       Shailesh Bansal, New Delhi


5 Star Rating


“Go for AutoMos to avoid dengue mosquitoes”


“Finally, I got an excellent mosquito repellent product to protect my family from dengue mosquitoes. Thanks to HiCare for launching AutoMos, a compact machine that sprays on its own. It has completely banned mosquito entry in my home even while I keep my windows open.”


-       Geetika Malik, Mumbai


4.5 Star Rating


“Mind-blowing Mosquito Repellent”


“I am sharing this AutoMos review after 2 months of usage. Found it to be a mind-blowing mosquito repellent. No irritating smell and is yet so effective in repelling mosquitoes, especially those dengue mosquitoes. Too happy to purchase it!”


-       Ankita Bhowmick 



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1. How to use AutoMos mosquito repellent dispenser? 


AutoMos offers a hassle-free operation and a one-time installation. All you need is to insert the refill and the batteries in the machine and set the spray frequency you desire. Switch it on and hang it on your wall preferably near a window. That’s it, the rest will be done by AutoMos and it will kill all the mosquitoes hiding in your home. 


2. Can I use some other mosquito liquid refill in the AutoMos machine?


No, we do not recommend you use any other mosquito refill in the AutoMos machine. For best efficacy, use only the original AutoMos refill in the machine that comprises 12% Transfluthrin.


3. How long will one AutoMos refill last?


One original refill of HiCare AutoMos can easily run for approx. 90 days on a 2 hours spray frequency. 


4. Is AutoMos safe for allergic people?


Yes, AutoMos is safe for everyone, be it kids, pets, the elderly, or allergic people. However, for the sake of precaution, we advise you not to use this machine too close to an allergic person. 


5. Which is the best mosquito repellent in India for 2023?


You will find an endless number of choices each claiming to be the best mosquito repellent, but not all are effective. AutoMos launched by HiCare is the best mosquito repellent machine for 2023 in India due to its 24x7 mosquito protection and 4x times less chemical release.