Gear up for summers and mosquitoes as well! You might have already been using some natural mosquito repellents to get rid of mosquitoes, but are they offering you complete mosquito protection? Think about it! Therefore, you can now have the power of AutoMos, India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent machine. 


India being a country with a tropical climate faces mosquito menace every year, especially in summers and monsoons. These are the months when you will get a variety of mosquito repellents in the market to protect yourself against dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. Alas, we have the new and most effective mosquito repellent – HiCare AutoMos. 


This post aims to acquaint you with multiple reasons to grab this best mosquito control product called AutoMos. Towards the end, we will also help you take a guided decision for this new mosquito repellent machine by sharing with you some HiCare AutoMos reviews by customers who tried it.


Why Buy AutoMos?


AutoMos launched by HiCare won’t disappoint you with its amazing mosquito control mechanism. It is a smart device that can be hung on your wall with ease. It needs 2 1.5V AA batteries and the original AutoMos refill to offer you 24x7 mosquito protection. 


No switches to operate and no worries about mosquitoes, and that is the best way to describe AutoMos for you. Even those allergic to other mosquito repellents can use this battery-operated mosquito repellent machine safely because it emits no pungent smell or smoke. 


AutoMos vs. Other Mosquito Repellents


We understand you might find it hard to believe that such a new product is better than other old mosquito repellents in the market. So, we are ready to answer all your concerns by sharing with you how AutoMos is better than other popular mosquito repellents.


  1. 4 Times Less Chemical Release
  2. 24X7 Mosquito Protection
  3. 90 Days of Mosquito Protection
  4. Affordable Cost of Rs. 5 Per Day
  5. No Irritating Smell
  6. Hassle-free Automatic Operation

1) 4 Times Less Chemical Release


AutoMos is the best mosquito repellent machine because of its 4 times less chemical emission which makes it safe to be used even in your kid’s room. The chemical used in its refill is Transfluthrin, which is used within the safe limits to make this product completely safe for everyone at home.

2) 24X7 Mosquito Protection


Not a single mosquito control product allows you to keep windows open without letting mosquitoes fly inside your home. But AutoMos mosquito repellent machinedoes that miracle. It offers 24x7 mosquito protection even with open windows. 

3) 90 Days of Mosquito Protection


If you are using other mosquito repellents, you know how long they last. At the most one refill of other repellents lasts for a month. This is where AutoMos beats them by providing you with up to 90 mosquito-free days. 

4) Affordable Cost of Rs. 5 Per Day


On top of it, all these amazing features of AutoMos will cost you just Rs. 5 per day if you divide the cost of one refill Rs. 450/ 90 days. No other mosquito control product is as affordable as HiCare AutoMos, so this is the most affordable yet effective mosquito repellent in the Indian market.


5) No Irritating Smell


Fed up with those smokes and essence from the mosquito coils, incense sticks, and other sprays. Then, you must replace them with AutoMos automatic mosquito repellent dispenser. It emits no pungent smell and is therefore better than other products that emit harmful smells. 

6) Hassle-free Automatic Operation


Last of all, AutoMos is much better than other mosquito control products for its automatic mechanism and hassle-free installation. Once set, it will ask for no input from your side, and will continue protecting you day in and day out with its powerful formula. 


Customer Reviews for HiCare AutoMos


If you don’t believe us, read what customers have to say about this revolutionary mosquito control product. Check out the HiCare AutoMos reviews below to make the right decision on whether to purchase AutoMos or not!


**** 4 Star Review Rating


Excellent Mosquito Control Product”


“This is a must-have to keep your family protected against dengue and chikungunya. Easy to install and quite effective for indoor mosquito protection. So, happy using HiCare AutoMos!


-       Nilesh Shah, Navi Mumbai


***** 5 Star Review Rating


“Hassle-free installation and automatic mosquito spray that works”


“This AutoMos spray from HiCare is a mind-blowing mosquito repellent machine and is working wonders in my house. Very easy to install and works on its own to keep me and my family safe from mosquitoes.”


-       Leena Kakkar, Chandigarh



**** 4.5 Star Review Rating


“Mind-blowing purchase to get rid of mosquitoes”


“I am writing this AutoMos review after 50 days of usage. I feel happy to use AutoMos inside my home for complete mosquito protection. Not a single mosquito in my home, a dream fulfilled by this amazing automatic mosquito repellent dispenser. Too happy to use it!”


-       Hemendra Patar, Sikkim



***** 5 Star Review Rating


“Open windows with no mosquitoes”


“So glad for my decision to order AutoMos on my friend’s advice. Now, I can enjoy keeping my windows open whenever I want without worrying about mosquitoes and flies. This amazing product releases no annoying smell and doesn’t need me to switch it on every other day. Super impressed with its automatic formula and effectiveness.”


-       Swarit Arora, Jalandhar


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We assume you must be eager to bring home this brilliant mosquito repellent machine for complete mosquito prevention. So, feel free to order AutoMos online from HiCare, Flipkart, or Amazon. If you book it now, you will grab the AutoMos launch offer discounts on your purchase, so hurry!