The more scientifically advanced we are becoming, the more restrictions we put on ourselves to enjoy nature. Can we ever imagine breathing in the fresh air from open windows without putting ourselves at risk of mosquito bites from dengue or chikungunya mosquitoes?


Yes, there is now a chance to keep windows open and mosquitoes out with HiCare AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine. No other insect repellent was so successful in debarring mosquitoes or flies from entering your home through open windows.


AutoMos has indeed emerged as the best mosquito killer for thousands of Indians with its 24x7 mosquito control. Stay tuned, as we share more about this revolutionary mosquito control product in detail.


AutoMos - Mosquito Repellent Machines



Stay Mosquito-Free with Windows Open 


AutoMos claims to be India’s 1st automatic mosquito-repellent dispenser machine. Trust AutoMos to give you a mosquito-free home for approximately 3 months with a single refill. Indeed, the best mosquito repellent machine eliminates the need to install any mosquito net at your windows because it allows you to keep windows open and mosquitoes out.


When inserted with the original refill that comprises 12% Transfluthrin, this innovative machine offers complete mosquito protection inside your home. Completely safe and can be used even in your child’s room, AutoMos from the house of HiCare is a compact device that can be easily installed anywhere inside your home.


Other Innovative AutoMos Features


Enjoy the freedom of keeping windows open with no mosquitoes inside your home using AutoMos. It is just one revolutionary feature of AutoMos, there is a lot that makes it the best mosquito repellent.


Have a look at the other innovative AutoMos features:


·       4x Less Chemical Emission: Unlike, other mosquito repellents, this one release 4 times less chemicals in each spray

·       90 Mosquito-Free Days: No worries to poke a hole in your pocket every month because 1 original AutoMos refill goes on for 90 days

·       No Pungent Odor: Rest assured you will not experience any allergies due to foul smell because AutoMos doesn’t emit any pungent smell

·       No Harmful Chemicals: Choose AutoMos to get rid of mosquitoes inside your home if you want a 100% safe mosquito repellent that uses no harmful chemicals

·       Hassle-free Operation: AutoMos is best known for its hassle-free automatic operation. You need to insert the batteries, refill, set the frequency, switch it on, and do nothing after that

·       Easy One-Time Installation: Easy to install the AutoMos packs comes with proper installation guidelines mentioned on their pack


How to Use AutoMos for Indoor Mosquito Protection


AutoMos, as we mentioned earlier, works with an automated mechanism and light sensor. To make it work effectively, you must follow these steps:


·       Insert 2 1.5V AA batteries

·       Insert the original refill

·       Set the spray frequency (30/60/90 minutes)

·       Set the mode of operation (day/ night)

·       Hang the machine on a wall

·       Switch it on and do nothing after that, AutoMos will do it all


How to Buy AutoMos - The Best Mosquito Repellent


No need to search AutoMos anywhere, this exceptional mosquito control product is easily available online. Order AutoMos online from HiCare, Flipkart, or Amazon at its introductory price.


First-time users can purchase the AutoMos Starter Pack, whereas, those already impressed with its results, must book 4 Refill Combo Pack for 365 days of protection.Here are some other options to buy AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine:


Customer AutoMos Reviews


How do we know that customers are happy using AutoMos? You will get convinced too by reading these HiCare AutoMos reviews:


4.5* Rating


“Too good for mosquito control”


“I can’t believe that 100% mosquito control inside my home is possible in a 100% safe way. Thanks to AutoMos mosquito repellent for making it possible for me! My children now enjoy open windows and my wife is no more worried about mosquito bites. Thanks, HiCare for launching this amazing mosquito repellent.”


-       Mohsin Khan, Hyderabad


5* Rating


“Windows open and yet no mosquitoes”


“Being a doctor, it is my duty to treat my patients, but the worst thing was when patients hesitated to visit my clinic due to uncontrollable mosquitoes. Thanks to one of my doctor friends, who suggested installing AutoMos in my clinic, and now I can experience the difference. No mosquitoes at all, and my patients are back to get my treatment without worrying about mosquito bites inside my clinic.”


-       Dr. Arti Luthra, Pune


4* Rating


“Reasonable and effective mosquito repellent”


“I couldn’t stop myself from writing this review for AutoMos, as I found it quite effective and pocket-friendly to get rid of mosquitoes. It’s already the 80th day and I have found no complaints with AutoMos. Highly recommended for effective indoor mosquito control.”


-       Arundeep Singhal, New Delhi


5* Rating


“Compact yet effective mosquito control product”


“The moment I saw AutoMos installed in my friend’s home, I found it to be a compact smart device, but doubted whether it really works as it claims! But, when I installed AutoMos in my house, I found it absolutely miraculous against mosquitoes. No more sleepless nights due to mosquitoes buzzing around me. Truly an innovative mosquito repellent.”


-       Shobha Mehta, Jaipur


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So, now that you know the secret of keeping windows open and mosquitoes out with AutoMos, what should be your next step? Book your AutoMos machine now and get set for summer, and enjoy fresh air from open windows without risking mosquito bites.