Living in a country like India means struggling hard to find a mosquito repellent that really works and keeps you safe against mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. But now all your mosquito woes will come to an end with HiCare’s AutoMos mosquito repellent machine. 


It is an exceptional mosquito repellent machine that needs nothing but just 2 batteries, and 1 refill to go on for as long as 3 months non-stop to make your home mosquito-free, that too without any harmful chemicals. 


Does AutoMos really work? Let us find out by reading the HiCare AutoMos reviews listed toward the end of this post. At the same time, we will also throw light on some innovative features of this new and reliable mosquito control product, so stay tuned!


Is AutoMos the Best Mosquito Repellent?


If you aren’t yet ready for professional mosquito pest controlthen the other best option for you to make your home mosquito-free is AutoMos installation. This smart device is capable of preventing mosquitoes from entering your home even if you keep your doors and windows open any time of the day or night. It is a feature never experienced in any other mosquito repellent, and therefore, makes AutoMos the best mosquito killer machine in India. 


6 Major Difference Between AutoMos vs Other Mosquito Repellent Machines


You might have already tried many types of mosquito and insect killer machines and products, but if you are still looking for something better, then it means you were not satisfied! So, finally, this search for the best mosquito repellent ends at AutoMos how? Let’s find out!


AutoMos Mosquito Repellent MachineOther Mosquito Repellent Machines
1) Automatic mechanism with a customized spray frequency and mode of operation option1) Need to plug in and switch on every time you want to use it for a mosquito control
2) 100% safe due to 4 times less chemical release2) Harmful for health due to heavy and toxic chemical release
3) No chance of allergies due to no smell3) Chances of side effects to those allergic to smoke and smells
4) Offers 24x7 mosquito protection and allows you to keep windows open4) Limited mosquito protection that too when doors and windows are kept closed
5) Long-lasting and no need to change the refill for as long as 90 days5) Frequent refill replacement
6) Cheap and best with no electricity usage, and works effectively with 2 batteries and one refill for 3 months6) Expensive due to monthly refill replacement, and electricity usage when in use


Amazing AutoMos Features


Through the above-mentioned comparison between AutoMos and other mosquito products, you must have realized that there is not just one thing, but multiple things that make AutoMos a wonderful mosquito repellent product. 


Here is a complete list of AutoMos features that will convince you to buy it online:


1.     Easy and Automatic Operation with a Light Sensor

2.     4 Times Less Chemicals

3.     24x7 Mosquito Protection

4.     3 Months Efficacy with 1 Refill

5.     Quick and Easy Installation

6.     Completely Odourless

7.     Affordable


Where to Buy AutoMos?


The credit to launch AutoMos goes to HiCare, India’s best pest control company with an eminent presence in over 30 cities. You can fetch this amazing mosquito machine online at HiCare’s own official website, and other leading eCommerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart. 


The best thing to buy AutoMos now is that it is available at a discounted price due to the launch offer. The AutoMos starter pack that costs Rs. 1,399 is at the moment available for Rs. 999. Similarly, the refill packs and the machine are open for online purchase at the introductory price. 



Read HiCare AutoMos Customer Reviews


Finding it hard to believe that AutoMos is the best mosquito killer. Worry not, we have evidence in the form of HiCare AutoMos reviews shared by several happy clients across the country. Shared below are a few of these AutoMos reviews that prove that it is indeed the most effective and the safest mosquito repellent machine in the country:


“Best Mosquito Killer for Home”


“Never thought 24x7 mosquito control is possible at home without experiencing any side effects. But, AutoMos made it possible with its 4 times less chemical release and 100% safe formula for complete mosquito prevention at my home. Soon to order its refill combo pack of 4 for 365 days of mosquito protection.”


- Sutanu Dey, Kolkata 


“Must buy”


“Guys, if you are seriously looking for an effective mosquito repellent machine, then go for this new product called AutoMos. It is a smart compact device that is easy to install and works on its own without needing you to switch it on every day. The best thing is that it allows me to keep windows open any time of the day without letting mosquitoes enter my home.”


- Renuka Chauhan, Haryana


“Too good to believe”


“AutoMos mosquito machine is too good to believe. Let me highlight some pros and cons of using this wonderful mosquito control product:




1.     No smell

2.     No harmful chemicals

3.     No mosquitoes

4.     Complete mosquito protection even with open windows

5.     Automatic operation

6.     Cheap and best mosquito control for 3 months with 1 refill




1.     Works only indoors


- Madhu Bansal, New Delhi


Watch This Ad for Customer Reviews on AutoMos:




In a nutshell, we assume you must be eager to try HiCare AutoMos for your home. Bring this revolutionary mosquito control product home by ordering it online from HiCare, Flipkart, or Amazon. If you order it now, you will get it and its refill packs at amazing launch price offers, so hurry!