Does the idea of getting a bath scare you? Then, it might be due to the uncontrollable mosquitoes waiting to bite you in your bathroom. You are not alone, several people want relief from this fear of mosquito bites in this very room of the house, where they get easily exposed to mosquitoes.


You may try a mosquito repellent, but will they work when you bathe? They will get washed away, so what can be done to keep mosquitoes away from your bathroom? Through this post, we will help you figure out what can be done to keep mosquitoes away from your bathroom.


We will also acquaint you with an innovative new mosquito pest control product that ensures complete mosquito protection even with windows open. So, continue reading this entire post and learn the secrets of preventing mosquitoes in your bathroom.


Whether to use a bathroom insect killer or a home remedy, what works best to keep mosquitoes away from your bathroom? Let us figure out the best ways that work to prevent mosquitoes from the bathroom.


AutoMos - Mosquito Repellent Machines



7 Best Tips to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Bathroom


  1. Ensure There is No Water Leakage
  2. Use LED Lights
  3. Avoid Standing Water Around the Drains
  4. Place Mosquito Repellents Plants
  5. Keep Your Bathroom Clean
  6. Keep Your Toilet Pot Lid Closed
  7. Use Camphor Tablets


1. Ensure There is No Water Leakage


The first and foremost thing to do to keep mosquitoes away from your bathroom is to repair your water leakages. Ensure that no water pipe is leaking inside your bathroom. Mosquitoes get attracted to water, so prevent water leakage in your bathroom.


2. Use LED Lights


Try keeping your bathroom well-lit to avoid mosquitoes. It is because mosquitoes tend to hide in shady and dark areas. So, if you keep your bathroom well-lit using LED lights, there are lesser chances of mosquito infestation.


3. Avoid Standing Water Around the Drains


Another effective tip to prevent mosquitoes from breeding inside your bathroom is by ensuring there is no standing water, especially around the drains. Mosquitoes tend to breed rapidly in standing water. For this, get all your faulty drains repaired.


4. Place Mosquito Repellents Plants


If you are not in favor of any artificial mosquito repellents to keep mosquitoes away from your bathroom, then try placing some indoor plants that repel these flying insects. Go for mosquito-repellent plants such as catnip, marigold, citronella, lavender, and lemongrass.


5. Keep Your Bathroom Clean


Lack of cleanliness is often one of the prime reasons for pest infestation, be it the infestation of mosquitoes. So, ensure keeping your bathroom clean, for this, you may also book a professional bathroom cleaning service and see the difference in the number of mosquitoes invading your bathroom.


6. Keep Your Toilet Pot Lid Closed


Another mistake that can avoid the presence of mosquitoes in your bathroom is how you keep your toilet pot. An open toilet pot is like an open invitation for mosquitoes, so try to keep it with the lid closed after every use.


7. Use Camphor Tablets


One home remedy that may work to repel mosquitoes from your bathroom is the use of camphor tablets. The aroma released by camphor tablets when placed at different corners of your bathroom may keep mosquitoes away without any side effects. 


Book a Mosquito Control Treatment


If you wish to keep mosquitoes away from your bathroom, then first of all pay attention to its regular cleaning. Try discarding standing water that acts as a mosquito breeding ground. If mosquitoes are appearing despite cleanliness and removing stagnant water, then, it is time to consider 3X mosquito pest control from HiCare, a company that knows how to repel mosquitoes not just from the bathroom, but from the entire home.


Install AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine


The other best alternative for those searching for how to keep mosquitoes away from their bathroom is installing AutoMos. It is India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent machine which saves you from the hassles of switching on the machine before every use. AutoMos is no ordinary insect killer machine, but the best mosquito repellent for your home.


What are the Benefits of Using AutoMos 


So, what makes AutoMos, the best mosquito killer for your home and bathroom? For this, you must be aware of the various AutoMos benefits and features. So, check the interesting features of this innovative mosquito killer machine:


·       Automated System with Light Sensor

·       Customized Spray Frequency 

·       Convenient Operation Mode

·       4x Less Chemical Emission

·       24x7 Mosquito Protection with Open Windows

·       3 Months Efficacy with 1 Refill

·       No Smell

·       Effective Against Mosquitoes and Flies

·       Pocket Friendly


Are Users Happy Using AutoMos for Mosquito Protection


After all this discussion on how to repel mosquitoes and the benefits of using AutoMos inside your home, are you still dubious about what to do? Worry not, users around the country have found a significant reduction in mosquito presence inside their homes after installing AutoMos mosquito repellent machines. They found it effective even with open windows.


The best thing appreciated about AutoMos by several users is its less chemical emission and affordability. Many installed this compact mosquito repellent machine inside their bathroom and got instant relief. On top of it, one refill is believed to work for a good 90 days without replacement. Install the AutoMos machine inside your bathroom or outside it to see mosquitoes vanishing from not just your bathroom, but the entire home.



Do not let mosquitoes bite you in the bathroom, and for this, install an AutoMos mosquito repellent machine in your home. Besides the starter pack, there are super saver combos and other options to explore when it comes to buying AutoMos or its refill. Order it online from HiCare, Flipkart or Amazon and avail of the introductory offer that will last until the stocks last!




1. Why am I getting mosquitoes in my bathroom?


Mosquitoes are attracted to moisture, warmth and carbon dioxide, which are all found in bathrooms. They may enter through open windows, doors or gaps in screens. They can also breed in stagnant water sources like standing water in the sink or shower drain.


2. What smells do mosquitoes hate?


Mosquitoes are repelled by certain smells including citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and lemon. These scents can be used in the form of candles, essential oils or natural plant sources to help keep mosquitoes away.


3. How do I keep my bedroom mosquito free?


To keep your bedroom mosquito free, you can use screens on windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering. You can also use mosquito nets around your bed and keep the room well ventilated. Additionally using mosquito repellent sprays or plug ins can help keep mosquitoes away.


4. Can mosquitoes lay eggs in the bathroom?


Yes, mosquitoes can lay eggs in the bathroom if there are standing water sources such as in the sink, shower drain or toilet bowl. It is important to regularly clean and remove any standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.


5. How do you stop mosquitoes from breeding in the toilet bowl?


To stop mosquitoes from breeding in the toilet bowl it is important to regularly clean and scrub the bowl to remove any organic matter that could attract mosquitoes. Additionally you can add a small amount of bleach or mosquito larvae control tablets to the water to kill any mosquito larvae that may be present. It is important to flush the toilet regularly and keep the lid closed when not in use.