Mosquitoes are tiny annoying creatures that have been causing public health hazards every year in India. As the mosquito season peaks, so do the number of patients suffering from diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. Not just the irritation caused by their bite, it is also the scare of diseases they transmit that makes these insects deadlier than most. Mosquitoes are estimated to cause more human deaths than sharks, bears, and snakes together. And unfortunately, not all mosquito repellents are effective in addressing the pesky problem of mosquitoes.


'How to stop mosquitoes at home?' should be declared the national problem in a country like ours, where mosquitoes grow in abundance due to poor drainage, humid weather, and lack of awareness.


Want an effortless way to keep the mosquitoes at bay? Then, join us in this article as we disclose how to keep mosquitoes away from home simply yet effectively.  


Keeping mosquitoes away from your home will help minimize the risk of mosquito-borne diseases. So, here are some effortless ways how to prevent mosquitoes at home.


7 Best Tips to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Home


  1. Keep Your Surroundings Clean and Dry
  2. Install Outdoor Fans
  3. Use Light-Colors
  4. Use Diffusers and Incense Sticks
  5. Try Insect Repellent or Insect Killer Machine
  6. Use Mosquito Repellent Plants
  7. Use Mosquito Netting


1. Keep Your Surroundings Clean and Dry


Mosquitoes are fond of standing water, so if you want to get rid of them, ensure you keep your surroundings clean and dry. Do not let pots, buckets, or other containers accumulate water for long to prevent mosquito breeding. 


2. Install Outdoor Fans


Remember that mosquitoes are not good at flying, and a strong breeze from an outdoor fan can prevent them from flying inside your home. Try it and see whether it works for you to control mosquitoes at home. 


3. Use Light-Colors


Interestingly, mosquitoes have some color preferences. They like to buzz around dark shades, so pick the idea from here about how to repel mosquitoes at home. Wear light-colored clothes and use light-colored bedsheets and curtains to keep these pests away. 


4. Use Diffusers and Incense Sticks


Try placing mosquito repellent incense sticks available in the market, but only if you are not allergic to their fumes and smells. Or, else, try using reed diffusers infused with essential oils to repel mosquitoes.


5. Try Insect Repellent or Insect Killer Machine


You may also use an EPA-registered insect repellent containing DEET or picaridin to repel mosquitoes. Or, install an insect killer machine to attract not just mosquitoes but other flying insects too. 


6. Use Mosquito Repellent Plants


Certain plants can help repel mosquitoes naturally. Citronella, lavender, marigold, and peppermint are all plants that mosquitoes dislike. Plant these around your yard or in pots near your patio or outdoor seating area. Not only do these plants help keep mosquitoes away, but they also add beauty and fragrance to your outdoor space.


7. Use Mosquito Netting


If you want to enjoy the outdoors without being bitten by mosquitoes, consider using mosquito netting. You can purchase netting to fit over your patio or create your own using netting and a few hooks. Mosquito netting allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of mosquito bites.


Bring Home the New HiCare AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine


The tips we just mentioned can help repel mosquitoes to some extent from your home, but if you want total mosquito protection at home, then what to try? There is one new mosquito control product that you must try! 


Bring home the power of a battery-operated mosquito repellent called AutoMos, a unique product from the house of HiCare, a well-renowned pest control company in India. It is India’s 1st mosquito repellent dispenser machine that works with an automatic battery mechanism.


How Good is AutoMos to Repel Mosquitoes?


Being a new mosquito control product launched in the market, it is not easy to build trust in consumers. But, AutoMos mosquito repellent machine has done it so well, all thanks to its amazing features like:


·       Automatic Spray Mechanism

·       4x Less Chemical Release

·       24x7 Mosquito Repellent Power

·       90 Long Lasting Effectiveness with 1 Refill

·       One-Time Hassle-free Installation

·       Pocket-Friendly Price

·       No Chemical Smell

·       Effective Against House Flies too


Is AutoMos the Best Mosquito Killer for Home?


The answer is yes! Going by the multiple HiCare AutoMos reviews received on different online platforms, we could confidently say that, yes, AutoMos is the best mosquito repellent for your home! Here are the reasons:


ParameterHiCare AutoMosOther Mosquito Repellents
EffectivenessAutoMos offers 24x7 mosquito protection even with open windowsLimited mosquito protection that too by keeping windows and doors shut
Safety4 times less chemical release makes AutoMos safe for kids, pets, and older adults at homeHarmful chemical emission often causes allergies
Easy to UseOne-time installation and no need to do anything for 90 daysNeed to switch it on every time you want to use
Pungent SmellNo irritating smellFills the room with a pungent smell that is not suitable for allergic people, kids and pets
Cost-Effectiveness1 refill goes for 90 daysFrequent refill change after every 15-20 days




Sometimes, "Less is More," and pests like mosquitoes can also be kept at bay with small yet powerful mosquito-repellent machines like AutoMos. It is a brilliant example of how 4 times less chemical emission can give you more mosquito protection than other popular mosquito repellents available in the market.

Go for it to stop mosquitoes from entering your home, even with open windows. Order the AutoMos Machine online from HiCare, Meesho, Amazon, or Flipkart now and grab the launch offer discounts!




1. What can I do to keep mosquitoes away from my home?


To keep mosquitoes away from your home, it's best to use a combination of methods. Some options include using natural mosquito repellents, removing standing water, using mosquito traps, and using mosquito netting. It's also important to keep doors and windows closed during peak mosquito activity times and wear long-sleeved clothing when outdoors.


2. What are some natural mosquito repellents I can use?


There are many natural mosquito repellents you can try. Citronella, lavender, and peppermint essential oils, as well as herbs like basil and lemongrass, are commonly used and favored. You can also purchase natural mosquito repellent sprays that contain ingredients like neem oil, lemon eucalyptus, and soybean oil.


3. How can I stop mosquitoes from breeding around my home?


To prevent mosquitoes from breeding around your home, eliminate any standing water. Remove items that may collect water, like old tires or buckets, and clean your gutters and drains regularly. You can also use larvicide products that kill mosquito larvae before they can mature and reproduce.


4. Do mosquito nets work well to prevent mosquito bites?


Mosquito nets can be very effective at preventing mosquito bites if used correctly. Make sure the net is secured properly and doesn't have any holes or tears. Mosquito nets are especially useful when camping or sleeping outdoors, but you can also use them inside your home.


5. How do I choose the right mosquito repellent?


When selecting a mosquito repellent, look for one that is both effective against mosquitoes and safe for your family. Some common active ingredients include DEET, picaridin, and oil of lemon eucalyptus. Choose a product with a concentration of 10-30% DEET for optimal results.