They might look small, but mosquitoes can create havoc with a bite if they carry deadly diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria. India has suffered extensively over the centuries due to the infestation of mosquitoes. Not only the number of deaths that India had to suffer because of diseases like Malaria and Dengue, the domino effect on the economy due to lost productivity and increased health cost has been a constant pain.


Thus mosquito population control measures need work at every level. And we must explore options that provide a solution and fit our budget. In short, the idea should be to use an effective and affordable mosquito repellent.


Some people still prefer using a natural mosquito repellent, but none provide 100% mosquito protection. So, how can you get rid of mosquitoes with something easy to use, effective, harmless, and pocket-friendly?


It is thus a relief that we have the new HiCare AutoMos – the best mosquito-repellent machine in India!


AutoMos – The Super Effective Mosquito Repellent in India


Never heard of AutoMos? Then, you are missing out on something powerful against all mosquitoes. It is India's first automatic mosquito repellent dispenser launched by a renowned pest control company called HiCare. 


AutoMos is a smart, compact battery-operated device that offers the best solution against mosquitoes in all seasons without leaving any side effects on you or the environment.


Smart AutoMos Features:


Here is your chance to read about this super-effective mosquito repellent in India:


1.     Automatic Operation: Save your time by installing AutoMos, as it doesn’t need you to switch on and off each time. All thanks to its automatic mechanism with a light sensor!


2.     Less Chemical Release: AutoMos is an eco-friendly device because it releases 4 times fewer chemicals in each spray than other mosquito repellents.


3.     24x7 Mosquito Protection: Thanks to AutoMos for allowing you to keep your windows open and keep the mosquitoes out 24x7 without any worries.


4.     90 Mosquito-Free Days: The most affordable mosquito repellent device with one refill lasts for three months without fail.


5.     Quick to Install: One-time easy installation using 2 1.5V AA batteries and one original refill and do nothing after that for 90 days.


6.     No Smell: Finally, you have a mosquito repellent that works without making you inhale harmful and pungent smells. It is completely safe for kids, pets, and older adults at home.


7.     Fits the Budget: AutoMos is as affordable as Rs. 5 per day, provided you set the spray frequency to 2 hours. 


AutoMos Costs Rs. 5 Per Day


Mosquito control was never so affordable. But thanks to HiCare for bringing out the AutoMos mosquito repellent machine that costs you just Rs. 5 per day (Cost of the Refill (Rs. 450)/ 90 days). 


With AutoMos, you save money replacing the refills, as in other mosquito repellent machines. This cost makes this smart device the best and the cheapest mosquito control product for your home.


Where to Buy HiCare AutoMos Mosquito Killer for Home?


Are you finally convinced to bring home this new automatic mosquito killer spray called AutoMos then here are the options to order it online. You can grab the AutoMos Starter Pack, 1 Refill Pack, or Combo Packs from HiCare, Amazon, Meesho, and Flipkart.


HiCare AutoMos Reviews by Happy Customers


Still trying to decide whether to order AutoMos or not for mosquito control at home? Then, check out these HiCare AutoMos Reviews by some happy consumers:


5***** Review Rating


“Smart and affordable mosquito repellent”


"Finally, complete relief from mosquitoes that too in budget! I Wish HiCare had launched AutoMos earlier to help us deal with mosquitoes. It does the job really well and costs just Rs. 5 per day."


- Mrinal Murthy, Karnataka


4.5**** Review Rating


“No harmful chemicals and still effective”


“AutoMos does what it claims. No harmful chemicals, no smell, and no mosquitoes either! Very useful and effective mosquito repellent to get rid of mosquitoes.”


- Nakul Goel, Bahadurgarh


4**** Review Rating


“Completely worth it”


“Believe me, I am no big fan of mosquito repellents, but AutoMos has impressed me with its 100% effectiveness against mosquitoes even with open windows. Guys, it is completely worth it to buy this amazing new mosquito control product.”


- Hitesh Solanki, Mumbai


5***** Review Rating


“100% effective against mosquitoes”


“Just 5 days and I am already in love with AutoMos for saving me from mosquito bites. No irritating smell and no need to switch it one every day. Simple yet 100% effective mosquito repellent for my house!”


- Hridya Puri, Amritsar


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Your search for an effective and affordable mosquito repellent for your home will end if you choose AutoMos. The results of this compact battery-operated mosquito dispenser will not disappoint for sure. One refill, and you can easily get rid of mosquitoes for a good 90 days, and that's what we call affordability with effectiveness!




1. What is AutoMos?


AutoMos is an electronic mosquito repellent machine that uses spray technology to emit a mosquito repellent into the air to keep mosquitoes and other insects away.


2. Is AutoMos effective in repelling mosquitoes?


Yes, AutoMos is an effective mosquito repellent machine that uses spray technology to create a protective barrier around the area it is used in, which repels mosquitoes and other insects.


3. Is AutoMos safe to use?


Yes, AutoMos is safe to use. It does not emit harmful chemicals or fumes and is designed to be used in enclosed spaces. It is advisable to adhere to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure safe usage of AutoMos.


4. Is AutoMos affordable?


Yes, AutoMos is one of the most affordable mosquito repellent machines in India. Its price is competitive compared to other similar products in the market, making it an accessible option for households.


5. How long does the AutoMos refill last?


The duration of the refill depends on the usage of the machine. On average, a single refill lasts for up to ninety days, making it a cost effective option for long term use.