When it comes to trying any product, safety comes first! Numerous mosquito control products are available in the market, but how safe are they? They might repel mosquitoes, but what about their effect on your health? 


A good mosquito repellent must be effective as well as harmless for us and the environment. Your search for the safest mosquito repellent in India ends with the HiCare AutoMos mosquito killer machine, which claims to be the most harmless mosquito control product for kids, pets, older adults, as well as those allergic to chemical fumes.


Read on to learn in-depth about the AutoMos machine before taking a call on whether to bring it home for total mosquito protection.


AutoMos – The Safest Mosquito Repellent in India


Believe it or not, several people hate mosquito repellents because they are heavily loaded with harmful chemicals. Thankfully, we now have AutoMos – the safest mosquito repellent in India that emits 4 times fewer chemicals in each spray. The cherry on the cake is that it doesn't even smell when switched ON. Yes, it is one of those rare mosquito repellents that doesn't emit any pungent smell.


AutoMos is Environment-Friendly


HiCare believes that "Less is More," and perhaps this same theory can be seen in practical use in this smart mosquito killer machine launched by the company. It uses 12% Transfluthrin in its refill, which is well within the safe limits for humans and the environment. In short, you can use the AutoMos mosquito repellent machine without guilt for harming the environment with harmful chemicals.


Other Smart AutoMos Features 


Apart from its safe chemical composition, what else makes AutoMos, the best mosquito killer for your home? Here is the list of other innovative features of this revolutionary mosquito control product:


1.     Mosquito Protection with Open Windows: The best thing about AutoMos is that it offers 24x7 mosquito protection even with open windows. No need to close the windows and doors, fearing mosquitoes, when AutoMos is ON. 


2.     Automatic Operation: No need to switch AutoMos every time to protect you from mosquito bites. Once switched on, it will operate independently with its light sensor and automatic mechanism.


3.     Repels Common Flies too: AutoMos is not just a perfect mosquito repellent; it is an effective insect killer machine that repels common flies too


4.     Easy to Install: All you need is to insert the refill along with 2 1.5V AA batteries, hang this compact device on your wall, and switch it on. That’s it, and you need not do anything for the next 3 months. 


5.     Budget-Friendly: 90 days of mosquito protection with one refill makes AutoMos the most affordable mosquito repellent in India. 


*Rs. 450 (cost of 1 refill) divided by 90 days = Rs. 5/ day


6.     Long-Lasting: If you hate changing and spending on new refills of your mosquito repellent machine, replace it with AutoMos, which provides 90 mosquito-free days with just one refill. 


AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine – Buying Options


If you are a first-time user keen to try this best mosquito repellent, then the best option for you to buy is the AutoMos Starter Pack, which comprises the machine and one original refill. The original price of the starter pack is Rs. 1,399, but you can get it for Rs. 999 as part of the launch offer.


Those who have already found AutoMos as an incredible mosquito control product must save money by ordering the 4 Refill Combo Pack for Rs. 1,599 instead of the original price of Rs. 2,400 as part of the introductory offer.


Feel free to order the AutoMos machine, refill, or other super-saving combo packs online from HiCare, Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho.


HiCare AutoMos Customer Reviews 


Have a look at what happy customers have to say about AutoMos mosquito repellent:


5 Star Review Rating


“Compact Smart Device”


“Highly impressed with this compact smart device called AutoMos. Not a single mosquito has been found inside my home ever since I installed it. Thanks to the makers for this revolutionary product!”


- Kiara Suri, Bengaluru


5 Star Review Rating


“Best Product”


“Living in the green Chandigarh city, I was used to mosquito bites. But, thanks to HiCare AutoMos for relieving me from mosquitoes with its no chemical, no smell, and an effective formula.”


- Gagan Taneja, Chandigarh


4.5 Star Review Rating


“Safest mosquito repellent”


“After using AutoMos for non-stop 60 days, I am happy to share my review.




No chemicals

No smell

Automatic functioning

24x7 effectiveness

1 refill lasts longer than other repellent refills

Easy one-time installation




Available only online


- Meenakshi Malhotra, Mumbai


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So, if you wish to bring home the most harmless mosquito repellent, then go for HiCare AutoMos mosquito repellent machine. Launched just a couple of months ago, this device has emerged as the most affordable, safest, and best mosquito killer for your home. Ensure using only the original AutoMos refill in the machine and follow the instructions mentioned on the box for best results!