Every time I hear the buzz of mosquitoes, I imagine the tiny vampires sucking my blood. They hover around; they whine and, with a prick, leave behind an itchy bump. And the worst part is the nightmare does not end there. You never know if these vectors have left you with a deadly disease like Chikungunya, Dengue, or Malaria.


The mosquito repellant industry has been trying to come up with strong solutions, but these bloodsuckers adapt fast, leaving us vulnerable again. Not to forget the other health issues we are exposed to due to the chemical fumes from mosquito repellants.


However, there is the latest buzz about a newly launched mosquito repellent machine called AutoMos. It is a revolutionary mosquito control product that might be the knight in shining armor.


Stay tuned to know why and how to install AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine, along with some honest reviews from some happy users in the country!


What is AutoMos?


AutoMos, as the name suggests, is an automatic mosquito repellent machine designed to free you from the hassles of switching the device ON/OFF every day. In other words, AutoMos is India’s 1st automatic mosquito-repellent device that works with a unique light sensor.


The main USP of this product launched by HiCare is its 24x7 mosquito protection, even with open windows, using 4 times fewer chemicals as compared to other similar products. It is by far the safest mosquito repellent in India, with no smell, no harmful chemicals, and no mosquitoes!


Why Install HiCare AutoMos?


Still not convinced as to why install an AutoMos machine in your home? Then, check out the list of reasons for which you must bring home this best mosquito killer for home:


1.     Super-Effective Device with an Automated Mechanism

2.     Round-The-Clock Mosquito Protection

3.     4 Times Less Chemical Emission

4.     90 Days of Mosquito Protection with 1 Original Refill

5.     Budget-Friendly and Long Lasting

6.     100% Safe for Kids, Allergic People, and Pets

7.     No Smell, No Irritation

8.     Hassle-Free Installation

9.     Repels Mosquitoes & Flies

10.  Easy-to-Use


How to Install AutoMos to Get Mosquito Protection for Home?


Being a new product in the market, not everyone knows how to install the AutoMos mosquito repellent machine to get the best results. So, we will now guide you on how to install this super-effective mosquito control product inside your home for total protection.


Step 1: Shake the refill supplied with the pack

Step 2: Insert the refill along with 2 1.5V AA batteries (also supplied with the pack) in the right direction as marked in the machine

Step 3: Set the spray frequency (30/60/90 min) and the mode of operation (day/night)

Step 4: Hang it on a wall at least 7 to 8 feet high from the ground

Step 5: Switch it ON and leave it, and AutoMos will eliminate all the mosquitoes around you


What is the Cost of an AutoMos Machine and Refill?


Here is a complete list of launch offer pricing of different AutoMos packs available online:


AutoMos Product RangeOffer Price
AutoMos Starter PackRs. 999
AutoMos MachineRs. 750
AutoMos Super Saver Pack for 365 DaysRs. 2,299
AutoMos 1 RefillRs. 449
AutoMos 3 Refill Combo Pack for 270 DaysRs. 1,249
AutoMos 4 Refill Combo Pack for 365 DaysRs. 1,599


About HiCare – The Proud Launcher of AutoMos Mosquito Repellent


Let us acquaint you with a bit about the company that takes pride in launching AutoMos for complete mosquito protection at our homes. HiCare is a well-renowned pest control and digital hygiene solution provider with over three decades of rich legacy. It believes in "Less is More," and the same is depicted in all its services and products designed with minimal chemical use and more efficiency.


Read Honest HiCare AutoMos Reviews


"Too good to believe."


“AutoMos is too good to believe! I found mosquito repellents a total waste of money because they never protected me against mosquito bites. But, AutoMos is something different and very effective against mosquitoes.”


- 4 Star Review Rating (Sonam Deshmukh, Mumbai)


"Works for me."


“It is the 15th day, and I could hardly detect any mosquitoes inside my home. Thanks to AutoMos for this amazing mosquito-proofing of my house, even with open windows and doors. It truly works for me, and I hope it keeps working for 90 days, as claimed on the pack."


- 4.5 Star Review Rating (Ayush Kharbanda, New Delhi)


“No chemicals and no mosquitoes”


“My asthmatic mother used to suffer a lot either from the mosquitoes or from the smell of the repellents I used. But, AutoMos gave her relief by repelling mosquitoes with no chemical smell. A must buy mosquito repellent product for all those allergic to chemical fumes and smells.”


- 5 Star Review Rating (Monica Arora, Bhopal)



Feel free to order your AutoMos Machine or Starter Pack from an online platform such as the official HiCare portal, Amazon, Meesho, or Flipkart. Order it now to avail the launch offer price and make your home 100% mosquito-free without any side effects.