Summers are here again, and monsoons are not far behind. It is again that time of the year when the search is on for an effective mosquito repellent due to high mosquito breeding possibilities. But can any machine save us from the troubles of mosquitoes and the hassle of switching the device ON and OFF every day?


Thanks to the new HiCare AutoMos machine for emerging as the saviour giving us round-the-clock mosquito protection without any effort on our part. Sounds intriguing. Do you want to know more about this revolutionary mosquito control product?


We have you covered with the correct answers to all the frequently asked questions about AutoMos. So read on and clear all your doubts about this innovative mosquito repellent launched by HiCare.


AutoMos - Mosquito Repellent Machines



Common AutoMos Machine FAQs


Being a new mosquito repellent machine in the market, it is natural for anyone to have some doubts and questions about the HiCare AutoMos machine. So, here are the answers to all the commonly asked questions about this exceptional mosquito control device:


1. What is AutoMos? 


AutoMos is India's 1st automatic mosquito repellent dispenser. It comes from the house of HiCare, a well-known pest control company in India. AutoMos is a smart, compact device that can be hung anywhere on the wall. This battery-operated mosquito repellent works with a light sensor to give you 24X7 automatic protection against mosquitoes as well as flies. 


2. How safe is HiCare AutoMos?


AutoMos is India's safest mosquito repellent, emitting 4 times fewer chemicals in each spray. Neither does it emit any smell that may cause allergy to anyone. It is an entirely safe mosquito control product for anyone, irrespective of age and gender. 


3. How to install the AutoMos HiCare machine?


Follow these steps to install the AutoMos machine at home:


·       Shake the original refill supplied with the machine

·       Insert the refill and 2 1.5V AA batteries, also provided with the machine

·       Set the spray frequency and mode of operation

·       Switch it ON and forget it for almost 3 months


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4. How to use the AutoMos machine for mosquito control?


Being an automatic mosquito repellent product, there is not much you need to do to use Automos for complete mosquito protection. Once installed on a wall, just set the spray frequency (30/ 45/ 60/ 90 minutes) and the mode of operation (day/ night) and switch it ON. You need not do anything beyond that for 90 days and enjoy living in a mosquito-free home. 


5. What is there in the original AutoMos refill?


One original AutoMos refill comprises 12% Transfluthrin, which is well within the safe limits for human use to repel mosquitoes. One refill contains 90 ml aerosol liquid that offers 24x7 mosquito protection. 


6. How long does 1 AutoMos refill last?


One pack of AutoMos original refill contains 90 ml of 12% Transfluthrin. This quantity can last 90 days if the device is set to a 2 hours spray frequency. So, in short, 1 ml of this AutoMos refill is used in 1 day; therefore, a 90 ml liquid refill lasts for 90 non-stop days. 


7. What are the side effects of the AutoMos mosquito repellent dispenser?


So far, no customer has complained about any side effects of using AutoMos mosquito repellent at home. But, still, for precaution, those allergic to such machines must not install this machine too close to their bed or sitting area. 


8. Who can use AutoMos?


Unlike other mosquito repellents that emit harmful chemicals and unbearable smells, AutoMos from the house of HiCare is safe for everyone. You can use AutoMos without worrying about any side effects. It is 100% safe for kids, pregnant ladies, grandparents, and pets at home. 


9. Is AutoMos better than other mosquito repellent machines?


There are various devices that have been ruling the mosquito repellent market for a long time. But, AutoMos is something different and revolutionary. The main USP of AutoMos that makes it better than any other repellent is its 4x less chemical release. Besides, this is the only machine to offer 24x7 mosquito protection, even with open windows and no smell formula that lasts longer than other refills. 


10. Where can I buy the AutoMos machine and refill?


You order different AutoMos packs online from the official portal of HiCare, Amazon, Meesho, and Flipkart. Some interesting options for you to order are the AutoMos Starter Pack, Super Combo Pack for 365 Days, and Refill Pack Combo of 4. All these are available at launch offer discounts, so hurry to buy them soon until the stock lasts.




After reading all the common AutoMos FAQs, we assume you must be eager to bring home this best mosquito repellent machine in India. Just refrain from using any other refill if you wish to enjoy the best results from this smart device. Also, please avoid direct contact with your eyes when installing it, and read the instructions printed on the pack before installing it. With AutoMos on walls, there will be no mosquitoes at all!