Dengue, malaria, chikungunya, yellow fever, and the zika – are all diseases spread by mosquito bites. We have been using mosquito coils and electric plug-in mosquito repellents for ages to combat these mosquito-borne diseases. Yes, they offer some relief, but what about their side effects? Are these mosquito control products safe to use if you have a baby at home?


Small babies are unaware of these pesky pests approaching them for a bite and are more vulnerable. So, as a parent or caregiver, we must find the best way to protect them from the tormenting mosquitoes. Physical barriers like mosquito nets work best, but they might not offer an optimum solution at all places; hence we need to choose products which are practical and effective yet safe.


Read on to get a reality check of whether mosquito coils and plug-in repellents are safe for babies. If not, then what is a safe mosquito repellent for your baby?


AutoMos - Mosquito Repellent Machines



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AutoMos – The Safest Mosquito Killer for Babies, Adults, and Pets


So, if neither the coils nor the plug-ins are safe for your babies, what should you try to protect them from mosquito bites? It is time you switch to the new HiCare AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Dispenser from the house of HiCare, a pioneer in providing digital hygiene and pest solutions. It is India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent machine that emits 4 times less chemicals and is, therefore, considered safe for babies, the elderly, pregnant women, and pets at home.


Why Try HiCare AutoMos Mosquito Machine?


Curious to know why to try AutoMos and not any other mosquito repellent machine? You will get answers to all your concerns about this revolutionary mosquito control product. Check out a one-to-one comparison between AutoMos and mosquito coils and plug-ins:


FeatureAutoMos MachineMosquito CoilsPlug-in Repellents
Safety100% safe for babies, grandparents, pregnant ladies, and petsLong-term exposure may cause side effects like nausea, headaches, dizziness, cough, and irritation in the eyesLong-term exposure may cause side effects like nausea, headaches, dizziness, cough, and irritation in the eyes
Ingredients12% TransfluthrinPyrethrum Powder, Pyrethrins, Tabu Powder, Sawdust, and Heavy MetalsPicaridin, Permethrin, Para-menthane diol, and DEET
Effectiveness24-hour mosquito protection, even with open windows and doorsEffective up to an extent in rooms with closed windows and doorsEffective up to an extent in rooms with closed windows and doors
Easy to UseAutomatic battery-operated machine with a light sensor that works on its own after a one-time installationBurning coils and leaving them unattended may cause fire accidents. You need to burn one coil every time for mosquito protectionPlug-ins are useless if there is a power cut. Need to Switch ON/ OFF daily before/ after use
AffordableCosts just Rs. 5 per day because 1 original refill of AutoMos lasts for a good 90 daysOne coil worth approx. Rs. 8-10 will burn out per night.Need to replace the mosquito repellent refills worth approx. Rs. 50-60 every fortnight


Are Mosquito Coils Safe for a Baby?


Although trusted by several people as a go-to mosquito-repellent product, these incense coils are made using a dry paste of pyrethrum powder. However, if used for long hours, these mosquito coils can pollute the entire home and harm your baby's health. Too much exposure to mosquito coil smoke might cause nausea, dizziness, coughs, headaches, and respiratory issues.


Are Electric Plug-In Mosquito Repellent Machines Safe for a Baby?


The two most common electric plug-in mosquito repellents available in India come in the form of mats and vaporisers. These most widely used mosquito repellents release a smell that repels mosquitoes in a room. One of the shortcomings of these plug-in repellents is that they will be useless during power cuts. Using these repellents in your baby’s room for long hours might cause respiratory issues, cough, headaches, and dizziness.


Harmful Side Effects of Using Mosquito Coils and Plug-in Repellents for Children


To sum up, the following are the common side effects that your child may suffer due to long-term exposure to these fancy-looking spiral coils and the so-called easy-to-plug-in repellents:


1.      Nausea

2.      Headache

3.      Vomiting

4.      Dizziness

5.      Eye Irritation

6.      Respiratory Problems

7.      Cough

8.      Sore Throat




If you have a baby at home, then we assume you will try to give the best protection against mosquitoes. So, order AutoMos online from the official website of HiCare, Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho. Ordering it now will make you fetch it for amazing introductory discount offers. So, hurry and order AutoMos to protect your baby and entire family from mosquito bites.




1. Are mosquito coils safe to use around babies?


It is generally not recommended to use mosquito coils around babies due to the smoke they produce, which can potentially irritate their delicate respiratory systems.


2. Can plug-in repellents be used around babies?


Plug-in repellents should be used with caution around babies. It is advisable to consult with a pediatrician before using them to ensure they are safe and suitable for your baby.


3. What are the potential risks of using mosquito coils or plug-in repellents around babies?


The potential risks include respiratory irritation, allergic reactions, and exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Babies have sensitive systems, and their reactions can vary, so it's important to be cautious.


4. Are there any specific mosquito repellents recommended for babies?


When it comes to babies, it is advisable to use non-chemical methods of mosquito prevention, such as keeping them covered with lightweight clothing, using mosquito nets, and ensuring there are no stagnant water sources nearby. Or you can use AutoMos as a safest option for babies.


5. Can natural or herbal mosquito repellents be used around babies?


While natural or herbal mosquito repellents may seem safer, it is crucial to consult with a pediatrician before using them around babies. Some natural ingredients can also cause allergies or skin irritations in infants.