With so many mosquito repellents available in India, it is easy to get overwhelmed and not know which one to buy. HiCare, a trusted name in pest control, has simplified this choice for us by launching a revolutionary mosquito control product called AutoMos.


Be it a child, pregnant lady, grandparents, or pet, AutoMos is one machine that is safe for everyone. It helps you get rid of mosquitoes, no matter in which part of the country you reside. So live no more under the fear of dengue, malaria, and chikungunya; choose AutoMos to shield you with its uninterrupted mosquito protection at home.


Why buy, how, and where to install HiCare AutoMos for the best results in the home? Read on to get the apt answers to all these concerns about this best mosquito repellent in India.


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10 Reasons to Buy AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine for Home


Those who have already tried AutoMos are now ordering the Supersaver AutoMos Pack of Machine + 4 Refills for 365 Days for their loved ones too. You will agree with us that it is the best mosquito killer for the home in India after reading these 10 reasons to buy AutoMos:


1.     Automatic Mechanism: The prime reason to buy AutoMos is that it works with an automatic mechanism supported by a light sensor

2.     24x7 Mosquito Shield: No worries whether your windows are open or closed if you have an AutoMos machine at home because it provides you with flawless 24x7 mosquito protection even with open windows

3.     4 Times Less Chemicals: You will not be able to resist opting for HiCare AutoMos, which emits 4 times less chemicals than any other ordinary repellent

4.     90 Days Long-Lasting Protection:  Another main reason to buy AutoMos is that One original AutoMos refill offers approx 90 days of mosquito protection, if set on a 2-hour spray frequency

5.     Pocket-Friendly Device: Forget changing refills every month or replacing those coils every fortnight. Get AutoMos, the most affordable mosquito repellent in India, that works for 3 months with one refill

6.     No Smell: Choose AutoMos if you are allergic to smells and fumes because it is an entirely smell-free mosquito control product

7.     100% Safe for Kids, Pregnant Ladies, Grandparents, and Pets: Since AutoMos emits 4 times less chemicals, it is considered 100% safe for kids, grandparents, pregnant ladies, and pets at home

8.     Effective Against Mosquitoes and Flies: AutoMos will keep you safe not just from mosquitoes but common house flies too

9.     Hassle-free One-Time Installation: No need to exhaust yourself much if you buy AutoMos because it comes with a hassle-free one-time installation procedure

10.  Easy to Use: AutoMos is an easy-to-use mosquito protection that doesn’t want you to switch it ON every time you want it to save you from mosquitoes


Where to Install AutoMos Machine for Complete Protection


One AutoMos machine is good enough to turn a 200 sq. ft room into a mosquito-free zone, provided you know how and where to install it. This ultimate mosquito repellent offers the best results if hung 7 to 8 feet above the ground, preferably near a window.


How to Install AutoMos for Best Results


AutoMos comes with a hassle-free one-time installation that can be done by following these steps:


STEP 1: Shake the original refill supplied with the pack

STEP 2: Insert the refill and 2 1.5 V AA batteries in the slot behind the machine

STEP 3: Set the spray frequency (30/45/60/90 minutes) and operation mode (Day/ night)

STEP 4: Hang it 7-8 feet above the ground near a window or door

STEP 5: Switch it ON


Order AutoMos Online


No need to step outside to buy the best mosquito repellent -AutoMos. You can easily order the machine, refill, or combo packs online from HiCare, MeeshoAmazon, or Flipkart.

Buy it now, and you can avail fantastic launch offer discounts. For example, the starter pack that costs Rs. 1,399 will cost you Rs. 999 as part of this introductory offer. 


Satisfied Customers Across the Country – HiCare AutoMos Reviews


If you are not yet convinced whether to order AutoMos or not for complete mosquito protection, then read these HiCare AutoMos reviews shared by some happy customers:


***** Worth every penny


“Wish HiCare launched this amazing product earlier and I could save so much money that I 

wasted on harmful mosquito repellents. AutoMos is worth every penny for its mind-blowing mosquito repellent power even when I keep my windows open.”


-       Sushmita Dogra, Bhopal


***** Best results experienced from day 1


“Never expected that a compact machine like AutoMos can start showing results from day 1 of its installation. No mosquitoes inside the home ever since I installed it 1 week ago at my friend’s suggestion. Planning to order its super combo pack now.”


-       Shreya Kakkar, New Delhi


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1. Where is the best place to install the AutoMos machine?


To achieve complete protection, hang the AutoMos machine 7 to 8 feet above the ground near a window. One machine is sufficient for a 200 sq. ft room.


2. How do I install the AutoMos machine?


To install the AutoMos machine, follow these steps: 1) Shake the original refill, 2) Insert the refill and batteries into the machine, 3) Set the spray frequency and operation mode, 4) Hang it near a window or door, 5) Switch it on.


3. Can I purchase AutoMos online?


Yes, you can easily purchase the AutoMos machine, refills, or combo packs online from HiCare, Meesho, Amazon, or Flipkart. Online platforms often offer launch offer discounts.


4. Does the AutoMos machine emit strong odors or fumes?


No, the AutoMos machine is entirely smell-free. It does not emit any strong odors or fumes, making it suitable for individuals who are allergic to such smells.


5. Is the AutoMos machine safe for children, pregnant ladies, grandparents, and pets?


Yes, the AutoMos machine is considered 100% safe for children, pregnant ladies, grandparents, and pets. It emits four times fewer chemicals compared to ordinary repellents, ensuring their safety.