The lovely breeze we are sometimes blessed with in the summer evenings is out of reach for us as we have to stay cooped up inside our homes with the windows and doors closed from the fear of mosquitoes. Buzzing all around and spreading vector-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya, mosquitoes are among the most dangerous pests. With so much technological advancement, we often wonder if there is any solution to this bugging problem.


This post aims to acquaint you with the best ways to keep mosquitoes away from your windows. We will also discuss an innovative mosquito repellent product that can help you repel mosquitoes without too much effort. So, read on!      


AutoMos - Mosquito Repellent Machines



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Install AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine


You will find several insect repellents on the market to get rid of mosquitoes, but the new AutoMos from HiCare is something different. So do not worry about keeping your windows open, fearing mosquitoes will enter your home, with the HiCare AutoMos mosquito repellent machine


Enjoy fresh air from open windows and doors; no mosquito will enter your home only if AutoMos is installed near a window. 


AutoMos – The Best Mosquito Killer for Home


AutoMos is indeed the best mosquito killer for the home because it uses 4 times less chemicals for ultimate mosquito protection. One original AutoMos Refill contains 12% Transfluthrin, which is well within the safe limits of any chemical used to repel mosquitoes. 


AutoMos is India’s 1st mosquito automatic repellent machine that works with a no-smell formula. Not just effective against mosquitoes, this smart and compact machine also helps restrict flies from entering through open windows. 


How to Install AutoMos Near a Window


Ensure total mosquito protection at home by installing AutoMos machine in the following ways:


1.     Shake the AutoMos Refill

2.     Insert the Refill and 2 Batteries supplied with the pack

3.     Hang the machine on a wall near a window at least 7 to 8 feet high from the ground

4.     Switch the machine ON and then forget for about 3 months, and AutoMos will protect you from mosquito bite



How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Windows


Try the following ways to keep mosquitoes away from your windows, no matter, whether it is summer, spring, or winter season:


1.     Install Mosquito Nets and Screens: The oldest way to keep mosquitoes away from windows is by installing mosquito nets and screens. Available in all sizes, these mosquito nets can be easily installed on the windows, allowing only fresh air and not a single mosquito to enter your home.

2.     Place Mosquito Repellent Plants: You may get some relief from the mosquito menace through windows by placing some mosquito repellent plants near the windows. You may try placing peppermint, lemongrass, marigold, citronella, and holy basil near the windows and balconies to repel these tiny bugs.

3.     Essential Oil Diffusers: Another effective method to repel mosquitoes and keep them away from your windows is through essential oil diffusers. You may use a few drops of lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, or eucalyptus essential oil in a diffuser to spread the aromas that help to repel mosquitoes trying to enter through windows.

4.     Keep The Area Clean: Remember that mosquitoes are like other pests who get attracted to debris and dirt. So, ensure cleaning the window area to minimize the chances of mosquitoes entering your home through windows. Also, ensure trimming the bushes outside your window to prevent mosquitoes.

5.     Bring Home the New AutoMos Starter PackForget trying anything else to keep mosquitoes away from your windows. Instead, just bring home the new and most effective AutoMos mosquito repellent machine. Install it near a window and see how it repels these tiny bloodsuckers without putting you under any pressure to shut your windows. 




No matter what you do, there will always be a risk of mosquitoes entering your home through open windows. Once they enter through windows, they will hide behind the curtains waiting for the right time to bite you. Don't let this happen by restricting their entry from open windows by installing AutoMos, the best mosquito killer machine for the home.


Order AutoMos and its combo packs online from HiCareFlipkartMeesho, or AmazonYou can get amazing discounts by buying AutoMos during its introductory offer from all these online portals, so hurry!




1. What is AutoMos mosquito repellent machine?


AutoMos is an innovative mosquito repellent machine developed by HiCare. It is designed to keep mosquitoes away from your home and works with a no-smell formula.


2. How does AutoMos work?


AutoMos works by emitting a mosquito-repellent chemical called Transfluthrin. It is released in a controlled manner, creating a barrier that repels mosquitoes and restricts their entry through open windows.


3. Is AutoMos safe to use?


Yes, AutoMos is safe to use. The Transfluthrin used in the AutoMos Refill is within safe limits for repelling mosquitoes. It is designed to minimize the use of chemicals while providing effective mosquito protection.


4. How do I install AutoMos near a window?


To install AutoMos near a window, shake the AutoMos Refill, insert the refill and batteries provided, hang the machine on a wall near a window (7 to 8 feet high from the ground), switch it on, and forget about it for approximately 3 months.


5. Where can I purchase AutoMos mosquito repellent machine?


AutoMos and its combo packs can be purchased online from platforms such as HiCare, Flipkart, Meesho, or Amazon. During the introductory offer, you may find attractive discounts on these online portals.