If you set out to buy a mosquito repellent, the first one to strike you would be the traditional mosquito coil. Designed to repel all kinds of flying insects, this insect repellent comes in an attractive spiral-shaped coil that burns gradually to release smoke that contains ingredients that repel mosquitoes and flies.


These coils may repel mosquitoes but at the cost of your health because they emit harmful smoke. So, can we rely on these spiral coils for total mosquito prevention at home? How do they work, and do they really work, as claimed? If not, then what is the best alternative to try to repel mosquitoes?


AutoMos - Mosquito Repellent Machines



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Try the Best Mosquito Repellent – HiCare AutoMos - The Best Alternative to a Mosquito Coil


Trust us for recommending you nothing but the best mosquito killer for your home and that is AutoMos, from the house of HiCare, a trusted name in pest control and digital hygiene solutions. 


HiCare knows how dangerous it can be to use a mosquito coil from a health and safety point of view, so it introduced a smart and compact device that works with an automatic mechanism to shoo away the mosquitoes from your home even with open windows.


Designed to release 4 times less chemicals than any other mosquito repellent or mosquito coil, AutoMos is safe for everyone at home. The best thing is that unlike, any mosquito coil, it doesn’t emit any smell or smoke, and is therefore safe for the inhabitants as well as the environment.


How is AutoMos Better than Mosquito Repellent Coils?


Curious to know how is AutoMos better than any mosquito repellent coil with a one-to-one comparison. Then, here you go:


Comparison ParameterHiCare AutoMos Mosquito Repellent MachineMosquito Coils
1. Ingredients12% TransfluthrinPyrethrins, Sawdust, Heavy Metals, and Tabu Powder
2. Effectiveness24x7 mosquito protection even with open windows and doorsSomewhat effective only when windows and doors are closed
3. Side EffectsNo side effects, 100% safe for kids, pregnant women, pets, and elderly people at homeSmoky emissions may cause respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and side effects like nausea, dizziness, cough, and irritation in the eyes
4. DurabilityOne original AutoMos Refill works for 90 daysOne coil gets exhausted in one night
5. Ease-of-UseComes fitted with a light sensor for an automatic mechanism that doesn’t need you to switch it ON/OFF every time before or after the usePrecautions are required when burning mosquito coils, and leaving them unattended near a child or pet may lead to a fire accident. Manual burning of one coil per night is required
6. AffordabilityCosts just Rs. 5 for entire day usage because 1 original AutoMos refill (Rs. 450) works for a good 90 daysCosts Rs. 8- 10 per night usage, and another Rs. 8-10, if needed during the day
7. AvailabilityEasily available online at various e-Commerce platforms at discount offersEasily available online and offline in retail stores and pharmaceutical stores



Is Mosquito Coil Harmful?


The active ingredients found in mosquito coils are allethrin or pyrethroids, which are harmful insecticides that can be toxic if a person is exposed to them for a prolonged duration. Moreover, when you use these coils, you are advised to keep children and pets away for safety precautions, else they might lead to fire accidents at home. So, in short, using mosquito coils may help repel mosquitoes, but at the cost of your own health, it is better to consider other available alternatives, such as AutoMos.


How Does Mosquito Repellent Work?


The exact mechanism of a mosquito repellent depends on its specific type. But they all aim to repel these blood-sucking species using some chemicals or natural substances. Listed below are the common principles of some popular mosquito repellents:


·        Active Ingredients: Several repellents like AutoMos use active ingredients like Transfluthrin, DEET, Picaridin, Citronella, Eucalyptus, and so on.

·        Barrier Effect: Mosquito-repellent creams work by creating a barrier on the skin to make your skin less attractive to mosquitoes.

·        Distraction or Confusion: Some repellents work by distracting or confusing the mosquitoes so that they are unable to detect the CO2 released by humans around them.

·        Strong Odor: Some repellents work by masking the natural smell of the human body with strong odors that mosquitoes hate.



Indian markets are full of several types of insect repellents. But if you seriously wish to buy the best and safest mosquito repellent for your home, then there is nothing better than the new HiCare AutoMos Machine. So, order AutoMos online from HiCareAmazonFlipkart, or Meesho, and replace your harmful mosquito repellent coils now!




1. Is it OK to sleep with mosquito coil?


It is generally not recommended to sleep with a mosquito coil burning in your immediate vicinity. Mosquito coils release smoke containing insecticides, which can be irritating and potentially harmful if inhaled for extended periods, especially in a closed environment like a bedroom. It's best to use mosquito coils before sleeping, allowing enough time for the room to ventilate before you go to bed.


2. What are the disadvantages of mosquito coils?


Mosquito coils have a few disadvantages. Firstly, they release smoke and can produce a strong odor, which some people may find unpleasant or irritating. The smoke may cause respiratory discomfort or trigger allergies in individuals who are sensitive to it. Additionally, the chemicals used in mosquito coils, such as pyrethroids or organophosphates, can have potential health risks if inhaled in large quantities or used inappropriately. Lastly, mosquito coils are only effective in a limited area around them, so they may not provide complete protection against mosquitoes in larger spaces.


3. Can we use mosquito coil in a closed room?


It is not recommended to use a mosquito coil in a closed room without proper ventilation. Mosquito coils release smoke, and when used in a closed environment, the smoke can accumulate, leading to increased exposure to the chemicals present in the coil. This prolonged exposure can potentially irritate the respiratory system and may have negative health effects. If you choose to use a mosquito coil, it's important to ensure there is adequate airflow in the room by opening windows or using a fan.


4. Is mosquito coil bad for lungs?


Mosquito coils can be harmful to the lungs if they are used inappropriately or in high concentrations. The smoke produced by mosquito coils contains chemicals, such as pyrethroids or organophosphates, which are known to have respiratory irritant properties. Prolonged or repeated exposure to this smoke can lead to coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or other respiratory symptoms, particularly in individuals with pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It is advisable to use mosquito coils in well-ventilated areas to minimize the potential risk to lung health.


5. Is mosquito coil harmful to kids?


Mosquito coils can pose a potential risk to children if not used with caution. The smoke produced by mosquito coils contains insecticides, which can be harmful if inhaled or if the child comes into direct contact with the coil. Children, particularly infants and toddlers, have developing respiratory systems that may be more sensitive to the irritants present in the smoke. Moreover, children may be more prone to accidentally touching or playing with the burning coil, which can cause burns or other injuries. It is advisable to keep mosquito coils out of reach of children and to use alternative mosquito control methods that are safer for their health.