We all know what havoc can mosquitoes bring to our life, and perhaps this is the reason we tend to rely on mosquito repellents to keep them at bay. One such popular mosquito control product that we have been using for ages comes in the form of a mosquito protection cream.


But, do you know that this common way of mosquito prevention may also lead to skin issues? These are made using artificial ingredients that are toxic in nature and are good to be applied on the skin only for a short period. 


This post aims to give answers to all those people who wonder how safe is it to have a mosquito repellent cream on the skin. Besides, we will also reveal how to replace these mosquito ointments and creams and with what? So, stay tuned!


AutoMos - Mosquito Repellent Machines



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AutoMos is Safer than Any Mosquito Repellent Cream


Gone are the days to rely on mosquito creams, sprays, coils, and nets to get rid of mosquitoes. Here comes the best mosquito repellent straight from the house of HiCare. Yes, we are talking about the revolutionary AutoMos mosquito repellent machine. Designed to turn your home into a mosquito-free zone, AutoMos offers 24x7 protection against these flying beasts even if you keep windows open. 


Works best when inserted with one original AutoMos refill, this automatic mosquito repellent dispenser will emit 4 times less chemicals and still keep you protected from mosquitoes in all seasons. No need to apply any greasy cream or burn any smoky coil, if you choose AutoMos to prevent mosquitoes. 


How to Use AutoMos Mosquito Repellent?


No worries about any side effects, and no worries to use AutoMos mosquito repellent machine either. It is a smart battery-operated device that comes with a one-time installation procedure and frees you not just from mosquitoes, but from switching it ON/ OFF before and after every use. 


All you need to use AutoMos for total mosquito protection is to insert the batteries and refill supplied with the AutoMos Starter PackChoose the spray frequency (30/ 45/ 60/ 90 minutes) and mode of operation (day/ night). Once all this is done, switch it ON and forget it! AutoMos will protect you from all types of mosquitoes and their bites for a good 90 days with just a single refill. 


Advantages of Using AutoMos over Mosquito Creams


Here are the main advantages of using AutoMos machine over mosquito creams:


AutoMos Mosquito Repellent MachineMosquito Repellent Cream
No smellOften smelly and may lead to irritation to the nose
Long lasting protectionOffers protection for a few hours and need to be reapplied
100% safe for everyoneMight cause skin allergies, rashes, or irritation
4 times less chemicalsMade of harmful chemicals that may cause reactions if applied on hand or near the mouth
Costs just Rs. 5 per dayOne cream may cost approx. Rs. 90 that lasts only for a few days


How Safe is a Mosquito Cream for Skin


You will find plenty of mosquito or insect-repellent creams that claim to save you from mosquito bites. But, what about the safety concerns of using such creams? These are generally considered safe for use on the skin, provided you use them according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer for its usage. 


However, sometimes despite being safe, some mosquito-repellent creams may cause skin allergies, rashes, or redness on the skin. Moreover, if applied on the hands or near the mouth, mosquito creams may end up causing you severely infected by their chemical ingredients. Applying these creams on cuts and skins of newborn babies is also not advisable for safety concerns. 


Replace Your Mosquito Cream with AutoMos Mosquito Repellent


Having read about the possible side effects of a mosquito repellent cream, we assume you will look up something better. So, it is time to replace your mosquito cream with the new and effective AutoMos mosquito repellent machine from the house of HiCare. Moreover, it is an excellent repellent that is also part of the mosquito treatment offered by HiCare. So, you can use it because the experts use it to repel mosquitoes too.




It is always good to be a little informed about the side effects of mosquito creams. We hope we did the same through this post. Why take chances when it comes to safety concerns while choosing between a mosquito cream or any other repellent? Order the AutoMos machine, its refill, and other combo packs online from HiCareFlipkartMeesho, or Amazon.




1. Is mosquito repellent cream safe to use on the skin?


Yes, mosquito repellent creams are generally safe to use on the skin. However, it is important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and use them as directed.


2. What are the benefits of using mosquito repellent cream?


The primary benefit of using mosquito repellent cream is protection against mosquito bites. It helps to prevent mosquitoes from landing on and biting the skin, reducing the risk of mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and Zika virus.


3. How does mosquito repellent cream work to prevent mosquito bites?


Mosquito repellent creams contain ingredients that either mask the scent of human skin or repel mosquitoes. These ingredients, such as DEET, picaridin, or natural plant-based oils like citronella or eucalyptus, create a barrier that makes it difficult for mosquitoes to detect and land on the skin.


4. Can mosquito repellent creams be used on children's skin?


Yes, there are mosquito repellent creams specifically formulated for children, which are typically milder and have lower concentrations of active ingredients. It is important to use products specifically labeled for children and follow the age recommendations provided by the manufacturer.


5. Are there any side effects associated with mosquito repellent creams?


Some people may experience minor skin irritation or allergic reactions to mosquito repellent creams. It is important to perform a patch test before applying it to larger areas of the skin and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur. Additionally, avoid applying the cream to open wounds or broken skin.