No matter what mosquito repellent we buy from the market, there is always an inclination towards natural ways to kill mosquitoes. We try using all kinds of herbs, shrubs, and natural ingredients to minimize the chances of mosquito-borne diseases, especially during the high mosquito season, that is the monsoon season. In short, knowingly or unknowingly, we do prefer Ayurvedic ways to keep mosquitoes away.


But, is Ayurveda a reliable way to get rid of mosquitoes during monsoons? How to keep mosquitoes away naturally using Ayurvedic ways? Growing certain plants and using some essential oils are some of the most popular Ayurvedic ways of repelling mosquitoes.


Let us help you understand how to keep mosquitoes away this monsoon season using Ayurveda. We will also acquaint you with something launched recently that is as safe as a natural mosquito repellent and very effective against these blood-suckers.



AutoMos - Mosquito Repellent Machines



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Get Rid of Mosquitoes with AutoMos Mosquito Repellent


Although not an Ayurvedic mosquito repellent, you can trust HiCare AutoMos Mosquito Killer Machine for its 100% safe chemical composition and powerful effectiveness. It is India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent dispenser that works with a light sensor and allows you to customize the spray frequency and mode of operation.


Is AutoMos Safe to Use Against Mosquitoes Like any Ayurvedic Remedy?


Even if you agree that AutoMos is the best mosquito repellent, we assume you might still think about its safety quotient. Is it as safe as an Ayurvedic remedy to repel mosquitoes? Let us check out the reasons that the makers claim it to be the safest way of mosquito prevention at home not just during the monsoons but throughout the year:


1.     12% Transfluthrin: One original AutoMos refill contains 12% Transfluthrin, which is a safe compound used to repel malaria, chikungunya, and dengue mosquitoes without causing any side effects.

2.     4x Times Less Chemicals: The best thing that makes AutoMos as good as a natural mosquito repellent or an Ayurvedic remedy is that it emits 4 times less chemicals than any other artificial insect repellent. So, even if it works 24x7, there is no fear to experience any side effects.

3.     No Odor or Smoke: Even some of the Ayurvedic remedies used to repel mosquitoes emit harmful smoke and smells that often end up causing respiratory issues to the inhabitants. Thankfully, AutoMos will cause you no such problem because it doesn’t release any smell or smoke.

4.     100% Safe for Everyone: HiCare is aware that people hesitate to use mosquito control products that emit smells, smoke, fumes, or need to be lighted to repel these pests. So, it introduced AutoMos which works with a safe and automatic mechanism that is safe for children, grandparents, pets, and pregnant ladies at home.


5 Best Ayurvedic Mosquito Repellent


Here are some Ayurvedic tips that can help you combat all types of mosquitoes during the monsoon season:


1.     Camphor: Ayurveda has mentioned several benefits of camphor, and one such benefit of this amazing ingredient is to repel mosquitoes. All you need is to burn some camphor tablets at the vulnerable spots of your house to keep mosquitoes away.

2.     Garlic: Mosquitoes are smell-sensitive species, so eating garlic can help repel mosquitoes. Those who consume garlic emit a smell that helps to repel mosquitoes. You may also use homemade garlic spray to keep mosquitoes at bay.

3.     Neem Oil: Neem oil derived from the leaves of neem are rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is one of the best Ayurvedic ingredients that can be used to repel mosquitoes. Just apply neem oil on your body to release a smell that the mosquitoes hate.

4.     Clove: Ayurveda mentions the interesting benefits of cloves to cure various ailments. You can also use clove and its oil to repel mosquitoes without doing anything much. Just burn clove oil in a lamp and see how its strong smell keeps mosquitoes at bay.

5.     Holy Basil (Tulsi): Rich in anti-bacterial properties, Holy Basil can do wonders in preventing mosquito bites during monsoons. Place some Holy Basil or Tulsi plants near your windows and doors to deter mosquitoes naturally.


AutoMos is No Less Than an Ayurvedic Remedy to Repel Mosquitoes


The reason for us to consider Ayurveda to repel mosquitoes is the fear of side effects from artificial mosquito repellents. Why worry, and try any of these above-mentioned Ayurvedic remedies to repel mosquitoes, when you can easily get away from these flying pests by installing AutoMos at home? Unlike other repellents, there are no chances of facing any side effects using AutoMos, so it is no less than an Ayurvedic remedy to get rid of these pests.




It is good to search for ideas about how to keep mosquitoes away naturally, but what if we say the problem is already solved by HiCare, a renowned pest control company with a PAN-India presence? Order the AutoMos mosquito repellent machine online from HiCareFlipkartMeesho, or Amazon and enjoy a safe and effective way of repelling mosquitoes during the monsoons.




1. What is the best Ayurvedic mosquito repellent?


One effective Ayurvedic mosquito repellent is neem oil. It has natural insect-repellent properties and can be applied to the skin or used in diffusers to keep mosquitoes away.


2. How can I get rid of mosquitoes using Ayurvedic methods?


Ayurvedic methods to get rid of mosquitoes include using mosquito repellent oils such as eucalyptus or citronella, burning neem leaves, and keeping your surroundings clean to prevent mosquito breeding.


3. How often should Ayurvedic mosquito repellents be applied?


The frequency of applying Ayurvedic mosquito repellents depends on the specific product and its instructions. It is generally recommended to reapply them every few hours or as directed on the packaging.


4. Can Ayurvedic methods be used indoors to keep mosquitoes away?


Yes, Ayurvedic methods can be used indoors to keep mosquitoes away. Burning neem leaves or using neem oil diffusers can help repel mosquitoes in indoor spaces.


5. Apart from using Ayurvedic repellents, what other measures can be taken to prevent mosquitoes during monsoon?


Along with Ayurvedic repellents, other measures to prevent mosquitoes during monsoon include keeping your surroundings clean and free of stagnant water, using mosquito nets or screens, wearing long-sleeved clothing, and avoiding outdoor activities during peak mosquito hours.