Monsoon is not only about rainfall, but mosquitoes too, especially, if you live in a country like India that has a tropical climate. All types of mosquitoes are seen in great numbers actively flying here and there and looking for water puddles after rains to breed and multiply themselves.


Every year it is during the monsoons, that we see a surge in dengue fever cases all across the country. People are seen buying all kinds of mosquito repellents to protect themselves from mosquito bites and dengue.


If you too want to prevent dengue and enjoy living in a mosquito-free home 24x7, then the new AutoMos – the best mosquito killer machine can save you from dengue mosquitoes during monsoons. How? Let us read this complete post to understand what is AutoMos and how to use it to avoid dengue this rainy season.


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What is AutoMos Mosquito Killer Machine?


If you haven’t heard of AutoMos before, then we are sure you must be curious to know what it is. AutoMos is India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent dispenser. Designed to offer you round-the-clock mosquito protection, this device works with an automatic light sensor. It is a battery-operated mosquito repellent machine that can shoo away all types of mosquitoes from your home.


How is AutoMos Better than Other Insect Repellents During Monsoons?


Now, here is your chance to see the difference between AutoMos mosquito repellent dispensers and other popular repellents. See for yourself and take a call on which will offer you the best protection against dengue during monsoons:


ComparisonAutoMos MachineOther Mosquito Repellents (Liquid Vaporisers/ Coils)
Effectiveness24x7 mosquito protection even with open windowsEffective only for up to a few hours in a room with closed doors and windows
Ingredients12% TransfluthrinPyrethrum Powder, Picaridin, Permethrin, DEET, and Para-menthane diol
Safety100% safe for children, elderly, pregnant women, and petsHarmful smoke or vapors may cause side effects such as nausea, headaches, irritation in eyes, asthma, and cough
Easy-to-UseOne time installation and no need to switch ON/OFF dailyDaily manual ON/OFF of the device or burning the coil
AffordableOne refill lasts for 90 days; costs Rs. 5 per dayOne refill needs replacement every 10 days and one coil is used every time you burn it



How to Use AutoMos to Protect Against Dengue Mosquitoes?


Thanks to the makers of AutoMos, HiCare, a well-known pest control company in India for making something as hassle-free and easy to use as this pretty machine. Once installed, it sets you free for 90 days doing nothing else to prevent dengue mosquitoes from home.


Here are the detailed steps to use AutoMos for total mosquito prevention:


Step 1: Read the instructions printed on the box

Step 2: Shake the original AutoMos refill and insert it in the machine along with 2 1.5V AA batteries

Step 3: Set the spray frequency (30/45/60/90 minutes) and mode of operation (day/ night)

Step 4: Hang the machine on a wall preferably near a window, at least 7 to 8 feet above ground level

Step 5: At last, switch it ON and do nothing after that


Preventive Measures of Dengue During Monsoons


Practising some mosquito preventive measures during monsoons will definitely help minimize the risk of contracting dengue from a mosquito bite. So, have a look at some useful tips to prevent dengue fever:


1.     Use a Natural Insect Repellent: When you know it is the time of the year when it will be raining water and mosquitoes, do fill your house with some natural ingredients that act as organic mosquito repellents. For instance, garlic, peppermint, coffee, basil, cinnamon, cloves, and lemons.

2.     Remove Standing Water: Make sure there is no standing water near your house because it will invite mosquitoes to breed. Empty all buckets, containers, water coolers, bird feeders, plant pots, and old tyres, so that mosquitoes don’t get a chance to lay eggs there.

3.     Place Mosquito Repellent Plants: You can get some relief from the mosquito menace during monsoons by placing certain mosquito-repellent plants that emit smells that these species can’t bear. For instance, Marigold, Peppermint, Holy Basil, Lemongrass, and Citronella.

4.     Restrict Your Outdoor Activities: A little restriction on yourself will go a long way when it comes to protecting yourself from dengue fever. You must limit outdoor activities, especially during monsoons, and try to stay indoors to prevent mosquito bites.

5.     Install AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine: For ultimate mosquito prevention, we strongly recommend you install the best mosquito repellent machine – AutoMos from the house of HiCare. It will offer you 24x7 mosquito protection even with open windows during monsoons.



Be it the matter to prevent dengue fever or any other mosquito-borne disease, AutoMos does its job quite well by keeping you safe from these blood-suckers. So, get ready to combat the dengue mosquitoes this monsoon season by ordering AutoMos online from HiCareAmazonFlipkart, and Meesho.




1. How does AutoMos help protect against Dengue mosquitoes?


AutoMos is a mosquito repellent machine designed to emit a safe and effective repellent, creating a protective barrier against Dengue mosquitoes during the monsoons.


2. Is AutoMos suitable for indoor use?


Yes, AutoMos is designed for indoor use. It is effective in creating a mosquito-free environment within your home to help prevent Dengue.


3. How does AutoMos work to repel Dengue mosquitoes?


AutoMos works by releasing a specially formulated repellent that deters Dengue mosquitoes. It creates a zone of protection, reducing the risk of mosquito bites.


4. Can AutoMos be used in bedrooms and living areas?


Absolutely. AutoMos is suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and other indoor spaces. It helps ensure a Dengue-free living environment.


5. Is the repellent used in AutoMos safe for humans?


Yes, the repellent used in AutoMos is safe for humans when used as directed. It is formulated to repel mosquitoes while being harmless to people.


6. How long does the protection from AutoMos last?


The protection provided by AutoMos lasts for several hours after each use. For continuous protection, it is recommended to operate the machine periodically.


7. Can AutoMos be used in areas with a high risk of Dengue?


Yes, AutoMos is particularly beneficial in areas with a high risk of Dengue. Using it regularly adds an extra layer of protection against Dengue mosquito bites during the monsoon season.