Do you feel that mosquitoes are in love with you, and therefore, they bite you more than others? Well, my dear, you are not alone! There are some scientific reasons behind this that some people attract mosquitoes more than others, and fall prey to their itchy bites.


Mosquitoes are intelligent species that can use several clues to find their next victim. Some of these clues were widely examined by the makers of some popular mosquito repellents before launching their mosquito control products.


Curious to know what are these things and factors act as mosquito magnets for certain people and how mosquitoes actually find them. Then, stay glued to this post and learn all about what attracts mosquitoes.



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What Attracts Mosquitoes?


There are a couple of things that can make a person more attractive to mosquitoes. For this, you must understand these factors:


1.     How You Smell: Certain odours also attract mosquitoes. For instance, people who use floral perfumes are the ones who will not be spared by mosquitoes for a bite. At the same time, you can also use some smells to repel mosquitoes because these are smell-sensitive pests.

2.     How Much CO2 You Release: One of the prime things that attract mosquitoes is CO2. So, if you emit more CO2 as compared to others living in the same home, you will suffer more mosquito bites than others.

3.     What Blood Group You Have: Researchers have also found that mosquitoes have a preference for certain blood groups over others. They prefer biting people with blood group O. Moreover, they like biting people whose blood group produce more heat than others.

4.     Where You Stay: Another crucial thing that can help you stay away from mosquito bites is your location. Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to shady and dirty places with a lot of water and low airflow. So, people residing in such places easily fall prey to mosquito bites.

5.     What You Wear: The more you leave your body exposed, the higher will be the risk of mosquito bites. Perhaps, this is the reason that you are always advised to wear protective clothing to prevent mosquito bites.


Why Do Mosquito Bites?


Do you know that it is not the male mosquito that bites, but the female mosquitoes that bite human beings and animals because they need blood for egg development? The blood they suck out of our bodies is required to lay eggs.


You will be surprised to know that female mosquitoes have a mouthpart called a proboscis. They use this part to pierce the skin of the victim to locate blood vessels and inject saliva into the skin to prevent blood clotting and extract blood. This is the time when they can also transmit mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya.




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1. How do mosquitoes keep finding me?


Mosquitoes locate humans by being attracted to various factors like body heat, body odor, and the carbon dioxide we exhale. Additionally, the warmth and moisture emitted by our bodies, as well as certain chemicals on our skin, make us easily detectable to mosquitoes.


2. What attracts mosquitoes to a certain person?


Mosquitoes are attracted to individuals based on factors such as genetics, body odor, and the types of bacteria on the skin. People who produce more carbon dioxide, sweat, or have certain scents are often more appealing to mosquitoes.


3. How can I be less attractive to mosquitoes?


To be less attractive to mosquitoes, wear light-colored clothing, as mosquitoes are drawn to darker colors. Use insect repellent containing DEET or picaridin, and eliminate standing water around your surroundings. These steps can help reduce your attractiveness to mosquitoes.


4. What smell do mosquitoes hate the most?


Mosquitoes dislike certain smells, including citronella, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender. Using products with these scents or applying essential oils may help repel mosquitoes. However, individual reactions to scents can vary.


5. How do you make mosquitoes ignore you?


Making mosquitoes ignore you involves taking preventive measures. Use insect repellent on exposed skin, wear long sleeves and pants, and avoid dark-colored clothing. Additionally, stay in well-screened areas and use mosquito nets while sleeping to reduce the chances of mosquitoes bothering you.