No one likes to share the living or working place with insects such as cockroaches. These dark-brownish insects with wings and antennae are not just ugly to look at but may also contaminate your food and water causing you several types of diseases.


Whether it is your need for early detection or a reduction in the number of cockroaches infested in your home or office, a cockroach trap can work wonders for you. If used with some proper pest preventive measures, a good quality cockroach glue trap can even eliminate the need to spend on a professional pest control service.


Read on to learn about the best traps for cockroaches and how to use them for the best results.


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What are Cockroach Traps?


Before throwing light on the best cockroach glue pad, let us elaborate a bit on what is it exactly. Glue traps, also commonly known as cockroach sticky traps are perfect to capture filthy cockroaches. They come with a sticky surface to immobilize the cockroaches when they come in contact with the strong adhesive of these pads.


The best cockroach traps are the ones that can help you catch cockroaches at all life stages. These are comparatively easy to install and dispose of cockroach control products. These come with an enticing bait tablet to attract the roaches, and the moment these bugs approach the pad, they are stuck there unable to escape.


5 Best Cockroach Traps


Being one of the most affordable ways of catching and removing cockroaches, these traps are very popular these days. You will get several types of cockroach glue trap pads in the market, and some of them are listed below for your reference:


1.     HiCare Roach Alarm Cockroach Glue Trap: The best cockroach glue trap comes from the house of HiCare, a trusted name in pest control. It is the Roach Alarm Cockroach Glue Trap that comes with a bait attractor for a no-fail cockroach control mechanism. Designed with super strong non-dry glue, these pads come in a pack of 12 priced at Rs. 180. They are easy to use and powerful enough to catch all kinds of cockroaches with a simple touch.

2.     Black Flag Roach Motel Cockroach Killer Bait Trap: This one works as a super-effective cockroach control device. It comes in a pack of 8 traps that can be easily used in the garden area or inside the home to catch roaches and other bugs. But be ready to pay a hefty amount of Rs. 3,312 to buy this product from the house of Black Flag.

3.     Praxon Household Effective Cockroach Trap Box: It is an interesting cockroach trap box made up of plastic. Measuring 14.5 x 6.5 cm in size, this cockroach trap box is easy to clean and dry for reuse after it gets packed with trapped cockroaches. It attracts the roaches when the bait is placed in the bottom leaching area. It is priced at Rs. 329.

4.     Greener Mindset Cockroach Traps with Bait: It is another effective cockroach catcher especially designed for homeowners, who are looking for a non-toxic and easy way to deal with cockroaches. Effective catch not just cockroaches, these traps can also catch hold of ants, spiders, and other tiny bugs. You can purchase a pack of 12 such traps for Rs. 1,891.

5.     Surplus Procatch Cockroach Glue Trap: The fifth cockroach trapper in our list of best cockroach stick pads comes from the house of Surplus. It is named Procatch Cockroach Glue Trap, and it comes in a pack of 5, which is priced at Rs. 125. This yellow-coloured ready-to-use cockroach trap is eco-friendly and contains no chemicals at all.


How to Use Cockroach Traps for Best Results?


For best results, ensure reading the instructions printed on the packet of the glue trap. Then, make a note of the places where you see these pesky pests quite often. Then, peel off the release paper from the trap without touching the adhesive. Place the bait attractor tablet supplied with the pack right in the middle of the adhesive area. Unfold the trap and place it near the sink or refrigerator, the main entrance of the premise, and inside the kitchen cabinets.



No need to search for the best cockroach sticky pads in the market. You can easily order the best cockroach glue trap online sitting from the comfort of your home. Order the very powerful Roach Alarm Cockroach Glue Trap online from the official website of HiCare or Amazon.



1. What is the most effective roach trap?


The most effective roach trap is a cockroach glue trap. These traps use a sticky surface to catch roaches when they come into contact with it. Place them in areas where roaches are commonly seen, like along baseboards and in corners.


2. What is the strongest thing to kill cockroaches?


Boric acid is considered one of the strongest and most effective substances to kill cockroaches. It works by damaging their exoskeleton and dehydrating them. Sprinkle boric acid in areas where roaches hide, such as behind appliances and under sinks.


3. What is the best and fastest way to kill roaches?


The best and fastest way to kill roaches is by using a combination of methods. Start by using cockroach glue traps to catch them, then apply a fast-acting insecticide spray to eliminate the existing roaches. Additionally, keep the living spaces clean to prevent their return.


4. What is the most effective pest control for cockroaches?


Integrated pest management (IPM) is the most effective approach for cockroach control. This involves a combination of methods, including using traps, applying insecticides strategically, sealing entry points, and maintaining a clean living environment. IPM tackles the issue comprehensively for better and long-lasting results.


5. How do I get rid of cockroaches in my house?


To get rid of cockroaches in your house, follow these steps:


·      Use cockroach glue traps in key areas.

·      Apply boric acid in hiding places.

·      Use a fast-acting insecticide spray for immediate control.

·      Seal cracks and entry points to prevent their entry.

·      Keep your living spaces clean by eliminating food crumbs and fixing leaks. Regularly empty the trash to remove potential food sources.