No matter in which part of the country you stay when in India, you are exposed to mosquito bites or the harmful effects of mosquito repellent. We have so many repellents in the form of mosquito spray, creams, lotions, oils, vaporizers, mats, coils, and whatnot. So, can’t we use an insect repellent that is both effective against mosquito bites and harmless?


Thanks to HiCare for bringing in something as unique and harmless as the AutoMos mosquito killer machine. It is India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent dispenser that allows you to enjoy fresh air from open windows without letting a single mosquito enter your home.


But some people still use mosquito mats to repel these bloodsuckers. Should they continue using it without trying AutoMos? This post aims to help you take a guided decision about buying the best mosquito repellent after going through a detailed AutoMos mosquito repellent dispenser Vs. mosquito repellent mat machine.



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Order HiCare AutoMos Mosquito Killer Machine


Replace your mosquito mat machine with the new and revolutionary AutoMos mosquito repellent dispenser. It is harmless, easy and affordable to use. Besides, there are so many advantages of using AutoMos instead of using a mosquito mat to repel and kill dengue mosquitoes and all other types of mosquitoes that suck the blood out of you.


AutoMos is the same product used by the experts of HiCare in their 3X mosquito treatment to kill and repel all types of mosquitoes in your home. Let us have a look at some fantastic features of the HiCare AutoMos machine:


1.     Automatic Light Sensor Mechanism

2.    24x7 Mosquito Prevention with Open Windows

3.    4 Times Less Chemical Release

4.    No Odour

5.    Hassle-free Installation

6.    Convenient to Use

7.    Effective Against All Types of Flying Insects

8.    100% Safe for Everyone

9.    Long Lasting and Affordable

10.Eco-Friendly Mosquito Repellent


HiCare AutoMos Repellent Machine Vs. Mosquito Mat Machine


What makes AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine better than any other insect repellent, such as a mosquito mat machine? Let us go through a detailed AutoMos Vs. Mosquito Mats to see the difference for a better decision:


Feature/ComparisonAutoMos Mosquito Repellent DispenserMosquito Repellent Mats
1. Active Ingredients12% Transfluthrin is used in the refill, which is a fast-acting pyrethroid with low persistencyThe chemicals used in mosquito repellent mats are pyrethrum, allethrin, and some herbal ingredients like citronella and camphor
2. EffectivenessFound effective against flies as well as mosquitoes even with open windowsMosquito mats are not the best repellents to kill mosquitoes and offer average protection
3. Safety100% safe for anyone at home, be it a child, elderly, pregnant woman, or petNot recommended to be used in a child’s room or near any elderly or pregnant lady or pet
4. SmellNo smell, no fumes releasedStrong chemical smells are released along with fumes from mosquito mat machines
5. Side EffectsNo side effects experienced by any customer so farFumes and smell released by mosquito mats may cause health issues like asthma, sore throat, cough, eye irritation, wheezing, breathing problem, and nasal allergies
6. ConvenienceEasy to install and easy to use with an automatic mechanism featuring a light sensor. No need to manually switch it ON/OFF before or after every useYou need to use one mosquito mat three times a day to prevent mosquitoes from biting you. Every time the mat needs to be manually placed and replaced with the older one in the machine
7. AffordabilityCosts Rs. 5 per day (Rs. 450/90 days) because One original AutoMos refill works for good 90 daysThe cost of 30 pieces of mosquito mat pack is approx. Rs. 60, which means one mat costs Rs. 2, and 3 such mats used in a day would cost Rs. 6 per day for mosquito protection
8. Environmental ConcernAutoMos can be easily counted amongst the eco-friendly mosquito repellents because it doesn’t release any smoke and releases 4 times less chemicalsMosquito mats when burned release some fumes and smells, which are toxic in nature and therefore, these are bad for the environment
9. Poisoning RiskInstalled at least 7 to 8 feet high above the ground makes it less likely to go within the reach of children for any poisoning or health consequenceCan lead to poisoning risk for small children and may even lead to fire hazards if left unattended in a room for hours
10. Resistance DevelopmentNot sprayed frequently so there are less chances for mosquitoes to develop any resistance against the chemical releasedFrequent use of mosquito mats contributes in developing higher resistance in mosquitoes over some time





Hence it is crystal clear that HiCare AutoMos beats all types of mosquito repellent mats in terms of effectiveness, safety, affordability, and use. It is the best mosquito repellent to get rid of Anopheles, Aedes, and all types of mosquitoes that transmit vector-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. 

So, do not think more order your pack of AutoMos, it's refill or combo packs online from HiCare, AmazonFlipkart and Meesho. Ordering it now will help you fetch some great discounts, so hurry and avail the benefits and the discounts while saving yourself from mosquito bites using AutoMos.