We have so many options when it comes to choosing a fly killer for home, but there are limited options for commercial use. So, does that mean you let flies hover around and disturb your business, especially, if that business is something as hygiene specific as running a restaurant?


Controlling pests like flies is a crucial aspect of maintaining a hygienic and pleasant environment for customers as well as staff in a food outlet or restaurant. If left uncontrolled, flies can contaminate food prepared in such facilities and spread diseases.


Still doubting, is it worth installing a fly catching machine in a restaurant? Let us figure it out in this post and also check which are the best fly trap machines for restaurants.


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Pick the Best Fly Catching Machines from HiCare


No need to burn any coils or use any mosquito or fly-killing bats to keep those flying bugs away. HiCare has made life easier for you so that you can focus only on your business by launching a couple of amazing fly killer machines for commercial use.


Have a look at the popular and high-in-demand fly and mosquito catcher machines from HiCare that can be installed in your restaurant:


1.     HiCare Lite Fly Killer Machine: This one is a perfect combination of elegance and efficiency. Pick the powerful HiCare Lite Fly Killer Machine for your restaurant because it is designed to attract insects with 30% more efficiency. Capable of killing flies with no zapping sound it won’t disturb your customers too.

2.     HiCare Smart Fly Catching Machine: Choose HiCare Smart Fly Catcher Machine if you own a large restaurant because this one is capable of catching flying insects in an area of up to 1,200 sq. ft. by consuming just 38 watts of power.

3.     HiCare Trendy Fly and Mosquito Killer Machine: For restaurants with severe fly issues, the best pick comes in the form of the HiCare Trendy Fly CatcherFitted with 3 UV lamps for maximum fly attraction, this device sports a sleek and stylish look that makes it perfect to gel well with any restaurant’s décor.

4.     HiCare Aura Fly Killer Machine: Invention and innovation at its best, that’s how we would describe HiCare Aura Fly Killer MachineSporting a circular design, it is a super stylish insect killer machine that will add to the beauty of your restaurant and also help you get rid of flying insects.

5.     HiCare FLY Small Catcher Machine: Small restaurant owners can go for the compact yet super effective HiCare FLY Kill Zapper Machine Small. It has been specially crafted for restaurants, grocery stores, and small commercial units. Fitted with 2 UV lamps, it consumes just 20 watts of power for a noiseless fly killing.


8 Benefits of Using Fly Catching Machines in Restaurants


No matter, how tasty your recipes are, you might lose your business, if you do not pay attention to keeping bugs away. Restaurant owners are often bugged up with the problem of flies due to the abundance of food being prepared and served at such outlets. But one thing that can help you run a restaurant without the fly menace is a fly catcher machine. Here are the reasons why you must install a fly and insect catcher machine in your restaurant:


1.     Ensures Food Safety and Hygiene: Restaurant owners choose affordable Pest Control for Restaurants by installing fly catcher machines. These help them keep their premise free of all types of flying insects.

2.     Enhances Customer Experience: Customers expect your restaurant to offer them a clean and pleasant dining experience. The presence of flies can drive away your customers. So, installing a fly trap machine can help maintain a fly-free atmosphere in the restaurant for a fine dining experience.

3.     Cost-Effective: Dealing with flying insects in a restaurant can be a costly affair and you may need to discard the contaminated food on a daily basis. So, installing an fly killer machine comes as a cost-effective solution, where you have to spend only for buying this machine.

4.     Environmental Friendly: No harmful chemicals are needed to repel flying insects and mosquitoes. Thanks to the UV tubes installed in the fly trap machines that help kill these insects with a single touch. Thus, use them for their environmental friendliness in your restaurants.

5.     Reputation Management: Why let anyone bad mouth about your restaurant seeing fly infestation? Save your restaurant's reputation by installing the best fly catcher machines to eliminate flies and mosquitoes.

6.     Employee Productivity: A fly-free restaurant or commercial kitchen will help boost employee productivity for sure. Allow your employees to concentrate on their work by keeping the environment fly-free with an effective fly catcher machine.

7.     Compliance with Health Regulations: There are several health departments and food safety regulations that need restaurants to take measures to control pests like flies and rodents. Failure to do so may lead to health code violations and potential closure of your restaurant. Choose a good fly catcher machine to demonstrate that your establishment complies with the regulations.

8.     24x7 Targeted Pest Control: The best thing about fly killer machines is that they offer 24x7 targeted pest control for restaurants facing only flying insect issues.



A comprehensive pest control strategy including proper sanitation, waste management and another host of preventive measures can help repelling flying insects from any premise. But sometimes these alone won’t work, and at such spaces as restaurants, you must install effective fly killer machines. Pick the one that is robust, powerful, easy to maintain and consumes less power. You will find plenty of such good options of fly catcher machines from HiCare. So, order yours now!




1. What is the use of a fly catcher machine?


A fly catcher machine is designed to trap and control the presence of flies in an area. It uses various methods, such as sticky surfaces or light attraction, to catch and eliminate flies, contributing to a more hygienic environment.


2. What is the importance of a fly catcher?


The importance of a fly catcher lies in its ability to reduce the number of flies in a space, especially in areas like restaurants. Flies can carry diseases and contaminate food, posing a health risk. A fly catcher helps maintain a clean and safe environment by controlling fly populations.


3. What is the purpose of a fly trap?


A fly trap serves the purpose of capturing and controlling the presence of flies. By using different mechanisms like sticky surfaces or attracting flies with light, it helps in preventing the spread of diseases and maintaining a pest-free environment.


4. Can you have a fly trap in a restaurant?


Yes, it's highly recommended to have a fly trap in a restaurant. Restaurants are susceptible to fly infestations, and a fly trap aids in controlling the fly population, ensuring a sanitary environment for food preparation and dining.


5. Which light is used in a fly catcher?


Most fly catchers use ultraviolet (UV) lights. These lights attract flies, drawing them towards the fly catcher. Once the flies come in close proximity, they are either trapped on sticky surfaces or subjected to other mechanisms for effective control.