It’s never too late to take a small step like replacing your ordinary degradable trash bags with biodegradable garbage bags. It is the need of the hour to take such small steps to protect the environment from turning into a plastic landfill. 

This post aims to acquaint you with all that you want to know about biodegradable dustbin bags, what are they made of and how are they better than traditional dustbin bags. We will also reveal the best biodegradable garbage bags that also help repel common pests like cockroaches and rodents. So, hang on and read this complete article.


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Order BinCare Anti-Cockroach Biodegradable Garbage Bags


Be a part of the revolution for the sake of Mother Earth and also get the advantage of repelling cockroaches and rodents by switching to India’s 1st garbage bags designed using pest-repellent technology. Order BinCare Biodegradable Garbage Bags from HiCare and we bet you won’t repent. 

BinCare are mint garbage bags that can turn your ordinary dustbin into an eco-friendly dustbin. These green-coloured garbage bags are made using odour management technology that helps mask the original foul smell of the garbage that attracts roaches and rodents. They come with a string for secure tie-up and to prevent any leakages and spills when disposed of. 


Key Features of BinCare Biodegradable Garbage Bags


Listed below are the main highlights and specifications of HiCare BinCare Anti-Cockroach Biodegradable Garbage Bags:

  • Mint-Scent to Repel Cockroaches and Rodents
  • Odour Management Technology
  • Pest-Repellent Technology
  • Strong Garbage Bag with Handle and String
  • Perforated for Easy Tear from the Roll


What are Biodegradable Garbage Bags?


As the name suggests, biodegradable garbage bags are easy to degrade under high heat and water pressure. They are not made of harmful chemicals but are formulated using natural and organic stuff like potato starch and corn starch. These are eco-friendly garbage bags that are less harmful to the environment because they don’t take hundreds of years to decompose.


Why Replace Ordinary Dustbin Bags with Biodegradable Garbage Bags?


Check out this one-to-one comparison between biodegradable dustbin bags and ordinary degradable garbage bags and you will automatically be convinced to make the switch:


ComparisonBiodegradable Garbage BagsOrdinary Garbage Bags
1. CompositionBiodegradable dustbin bags are made using plant-based materials such as potato starch, cornstarch, and so on. These natural materials naturally are more environmental-friendlyDegradable garbage bags are made of petroleum-based polymers, also known as polyethylene, which are hard to break down under normal environmental conditions
2. Disposal ManagementBiodegradable dustbin bags are easy to get decomposed under favourable heat and moisture conditionsOrdinary dustbin bags are disposed of in landfills and are difficult to recycle due to the slow degradation process
3. Environmental ImpactSince they break down easily into smaller fragments, they have a less harmful impact on the environmentOwing to their slow degradation, degradable dustbin bags are bad for the environment. They can clog the drains, harm the flora and fauna, and pollute the air
4. DegradationBiodegradable dustbin bags are specially designed to get decomposed quickly by getting into contact with sunlight, moisture, and microbial activity and release less waste pollutionDegradable dustbin bags usually take hundreds of years to decompose and they get fragmented into small particles called microplastics, which can persist for an even longer duration
5. Pest ControlIf you choose specially formulated biodegradable garbage bags like BinCare you choose to control pests like cockroaches and rodents because these are made using pest-repellent technologyOrdinary dustbin bags are not so effective in repelling roaches, rodents, ants, or any other pest




Do not worry about the BinCare biodegradable garbage bag price, as it is priced reasonably. The original price of a Pack of 4 BinCare Garbage Bags each containing 30 medium-sized dustbin bags is Rs. 520. But, if you order now from HiCare, you will fetch it for just Rs. 299. So, hurry order now and save up to Rs. 221. Also, try the super effective Roach Alarm Cockroach Glue Trap Pad from HiCare to get complete control over cockroaches infested inside your home.




1. What are the benefits of using biodegradable bags?


Biodegradable bags break down into natural substances over time, which helps to reduce environmental pollution. They lessen the burden on landfills, as they can decompose without leaving harmful residue.


2. What kind of garbage bags are biodegradable?


Biodegradable garbage bags are usually made from materials like plant-based plastics, cornstarch, or other renewable resources that break down naturally.


3. Why do we use garbage bags?


Garbage bags help to contain waste, making it easier to transport and dispose of trash. They also help to keep waste bins clean and prevent leaks or spills.


4. Are biodegradable garbage bags good?


Yes, biodegradable garbage bags are good because they reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment and break down naturally, unlike traditional plastic bags that can take hundreds of years to decompose.


5. What are biodegradable bags made of?


Biodegradable bags can be made from various materials such as cornstarch, sugarcane, potato starch, or other plant-based plastics. These materials are renewable and break down more easily compared to traditional plastics.