Cockroach catchers such as glue traps have recently become so popular across the globe for many reasons. These handy traps are amazing when it comes to catching small cockroaches that are too smart to hide away, especially in our kitchen cabinets. 


You can of course get rid of cockroaches from your home or office through professional cockroach pest control. However, before opting for commercial pest control, we suggest you try some interesting cockroach control products such as a cockroach glue pad. Read on to know which is the best cockroach sticky pad and how effective it is in catching the roaches. 


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Order Roach Alarm Cockroach Glue Trap from HiCare


If you have decided to get rid of cockroaches at your premise in a harmless way, then order the new Roach Alarm Cockroach Glue Trap Pad. It is a smart cockroach trap product from the house of HiCare, a company that aims to introduce powerful pest control products to help you live in healthier environments. 


Roach Alarm cockroach glue pad comes with a bait attractor that helps attract cockroaches and as soon as they touch the sticky pad, they are caught! Just as simple as this! For best results, try placing these cockroach trap pads in areas most frequented by cockroaches. 


Main Features of Roach Alarm Cockroach Glue Pads


·       Super strong adhesive glue to catch cockroaches of all sizes

·       Bait attractor tablet to attract the roaches effectively 

·       Very easy to use and dispose of once cockroaches are trapped

·       100% non-toxic and safe

·       A handy product that can be used at any premise


Other Best Way of Cockroach Control


The other best alternative for anyone looking for a perfect way of cockroach control is a cockroach pest control service. Consider booking professional Cockroach Control Servicesfrom HiCare, a trusted name in pest control and digital hygiene solutions. 


Be it aCockroach treatment for restaurants, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, or manufacturing units, a commercial cockroach control treatment can turn out to be a sure-shot way of detecting and eliminating roaches of all sizes. The verified and highly trained professionals of HiCare will conduct a doorstep service using less chemicals for the best results. 


What are Cockroach Sticky Pads?


As the name suggests, cockroach sticky pads are cockroach adhesive pads designed to catch cockroaches with a single touch. These often come with a bait attractor to attract these pesky pests and as soon as they approach the bait, they get stuck on the glue board. Once stuck, you can replace the pad with a new one to catch more roaches infested at your premise. People are trying these cockroach glue pads for smaller infestations at home and in commercial spaces because it is a chemical-free pest control solution to get rid of cockroaches. 


How to Use Cockroach Traps for Best Results?


Cockroach traps like glue pads can be 100% effective in catching roaches if the following factors are taken into account while using them:


1.     Right Placement: For cockroach sticky glue pads to be effective, it is important to place them at the right spots. Do jot down the areas where you often detect cockroaches and place the cockroach traps. Some such areas are under the sink, in dark corners, near the garbage area, and in the pantry or kitchen area.

2.     Strong Adhesive: To get the best results from cockroach traps, it is important to choose one with a super strong adhesive like the HiCare Roach Alarm Cockroach Glue Pad. These are super-effective and a cockroach will never be able to escape if it ever touches the sticky portion of this pad. 

3.     Maintenance: Also, ensure that you replace the sticky pads after a regular time or after a certain level of usage. It is because, with time, the stickiness of these pads becomes less effective in catching the roaches. 

4.     Infestation Level: Sometimes, these glue pads might fail to catch the roaches if the premise has a severe infestation level. Moreover, if the cockroach species infested your place are too smart to escape these pads without touching them. 

5.     Instructions: Most importantly, you will be able to get the desired results using the cockroach control trap pads only if you read the instructions mentioned for their usage and follow them properly. 




Whether you use a cockroach glue trap or not, never take these roaches lightly, as they can contaminate your surroundings and food making you sick, and this, in turn, can affect your productivity at work. HiCare understands this concern and therefore offers all types of commercial pest control services at competitive pricing.




1. Are cockroach glue traps effective?


Yes, cockroach glue traps can be effective in catching cockroaches. They use a sticky surface to trap roaches when they walk over it.


2. Can roaches get out of glue traps?


Roaches can sometimes get stuck in glue traps, but it depends on the strength of the adhesive and the size of the roach. Larger roaches may struggle more to escape.


3. Are cockroaches attracted to glue?


Cockroaches aren't specifically attracted to glue, but they can get caught in it while searching for food or shelter. The traps use bait or pheromones to attract roaches, not the glue itself.


4. What attracts roaches to glue traps?


Roaches are attracted to glue traps by the bait or scent added to them. The traps mimic food or emit pheromones that lure the roaches in, causing them to walk onto the sticky surface.


5. Are glue traps strong?


Glue traps can be strong enough to catch and hold cockroaches effectively. The strength of the glue depends on the brand and type of trap used. It's important to choose traps with strong adhesive for better results.