Over the decades, mouse traps have emerged as a powerful means of mouse control. But, when we say mouse traps, we don’t only mean the traditional mouse trap cage, we have a variety of options now to trap these smart pests called rodents. One such innovative product that is popular for catching rodents in residential homes and commercial buildings comes in the form of a mouse glue trap. 


Curious to know what attracts mice to these sticky mouse traps? This post aims to answer this and more about glue traps designed especially for catching mice, big or small from any premise, residential or commercial. So, read on and learn all about what attracts mice to traps. 


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Buy the Best Mouse Trap from HiCare


Want a harmless and chemical-free solution to control rodents? Then, try the best mouse traps from HiCare. This smart device designed to catch hold of all types of rodents will not disappoint you. With a super strong adhesive and non-dry glue, these trap pads are effective in catching rodents with a single touch. 


Key Features of HiCare Mouse Glue Traps


So, what makes HiCare mouse glue traps better than other available mouse trap options? Here are some key features of these glue traps:


·       Peanut Butter Fragrance 

·       Powerful Trap-on-Touch Effect

·       Non-Dry Super Adhesive Glue

·       Easy to Use 

·       Easy to Dispose


Types of Mouse Glue Traps Offered by HiCare


HiCare understands that it is difficult to catch rats that are too small, or too big. So, to deal with all sizes of mice, it offers glue pads for both small and large-sized mice:


·        Jumbo Flexi Mouse Glue Pad: To catch the bigger rodents, there are Jumbo Mouse Glue Padsfrom HiCare. A pack of 4 such mouse glue traps will cost you Rs. 400 instead of Rs. 600 in the current discount offer by HiCare.


·        Mini Flexi Mouse Glue Pad: For smaller mice that are hard to catch, you can order Mini Mouse Glue Padsfrom HiCare. A pack of 4 such mouse glue traps will cost you Rs. 240 instead of Rs. 400 in the current discount offer by HiCare.


Book Rodent Pest Control 


Mouse traps work wonders when it comes to catching 2 or 3 mice infested in your home. But, to tackle a larger rodent infestation, there is an ardent need to book a professional rodent pest control service. Consider booking rodent control from HiCare because it has onboard the most highly qualified professionals who know where to detect, how to detect, and how to eliminate rodents hiding inside your home.


5 Things that Attracts Mouse to Traps 


Glue traps are designed to attract and attach mice using strong adhesives. The best mouse glue traps use some specific scents or flavours to attract rodents with ease. Here are some common factors that help attract mice to traps:


1.     Strong Smell: The first thing that attracts mice to a trap is the presence of a strong smell. Using baits that emit strong smells that attract mice is thus the key to attracting rodents.


2.     High Protein Content: Some glue baits come flavoured with a high-protein content such as HiCare Mouse Glue Pads with peanut butter flavour that attracts mice for an easy catch. 


3.     Food-Based Bait: Using food-based baits inside a mouse trap can double the effect of catching the sneaky rodents. Try using food items like cheese, butter, chocolate, or any other delicacy as bait in these traps to attract rodents with ease.


4.     Placement: Whether or not the rodents will get attracted to a glue pad depends a lot on the placement of these pads. Try placing these at places that are most visited by rodents like areas near the garbage, under the washbasin or in the kitchen. 


5.     Secure Attachment: For glue traps that use baits, it is important to secure the bait attached properly for better efficiency in catching the rodents. 




Whether or not you will succeed in catching mice using glue mice traps depends on whether you have placed them at the right spots, and whether they are strong enough to hold the mouse on a single touch. If the rat infestation is severe, we strongly recommend you hire HiCare’s mouse pest control services at the earliest. The company believes that “Less is More” when it comes to using chemicals for controlling any kind of pests.