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BinCare Anti Cockroach OXO - Biodegradable Garbage Bags (120 count Medium Size)

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BinCare Garbage Bags offer an easy way to repel cockroaches naturally attracted to your dustbins in search of leftover food. The minty scent of these OXO bio-degradable garbage bags helps mask the original odour of your garbage, which otherwise attracts cockroaches and rodents.

  • 120 Count (4 Rolls of 30 bags each) - Medium Size (19' x 21')
  • Ecofriendly - OXO Biodegradable
  • Repels cockroaches and rodents attracted to leftover food
  • Odour management technology (mint fragrance)
  • Attached tie string and strong material for no leakages
  • Maintains high hygiene standards
  • Prevents disease spread
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Say no to cockroaches with India’s first ever-anti-cockroach biodegradable garbage bags from HiCare. These bags incorporate certain additives that intend to deter cockroaches and rodents from infesting the garbage and spreading it to other areas of your premises. BinCare Garbage Bags are biodegradable dustbin bags designed with an eco-friendly approach. Save yourself from the guilt of adding to environmental waste by replacing your ordinary trash bags made up of harmful plastic with HiCare Garbage Bags that are completely biodegradable.

About the product 

  • Biodegradable: Made of virgin plastic, BinCare garbage bags are eco-friendly.
  • Pest-Repellent Mint Scent: These are specially formulated cockroach-repellent garbage bags that have a mint scent to repel cockroaches and rodents.
  • Convenient to Use: Each of these biodegradable dustbin bags comes with a string attached for convenient use. You can securely tie up these bags to avoid any spills while disposing of your garbage.
  • Perforated for Easy Tear: BinCare garbage bags are perforated so that you can easily tear them off from the roll to use an individual bag at a time.


  • Medium size bags (19x21 inch)
  • Roll of 30 garbage bags (Pack of 4)
  • Minty green in color with a string attached for easy use

For more information about the BinCare Anti Cockroach Garbage Bag, email us at or call our customer care at 8828333888.

Expiry Date: Best before 2 years from the date of manufacturing

Country of Origin: India

Imported and manufactured by HiCare Services Private Limited, 301, 3rd Floor, L.D. Building Mehra Industrial Estate, Vikhroli West, Mumbai, Maharashtra (400079), India.



HiCare BinCare is a biodegradable garbage bag made of Virgin Plastic that is designed using the 1st ever-pest-repellent technology.

One BinCare biodegradable garbage bag can hold up to approximately 3.5 kg of garbage at a time.

You can easily use BinCare biodegradable garbage bags at your residence or commercial property. It fits well in any medium-sized dustbin.

One roll of HiCare BinCare comprises 30 garbage bags, and each bag measures size 19 x 21 inches.

If you want to enjoy the twin benefit of repelling cockroaches and rodents and saving the environment, then you must replace your ordinary trash bags with HiCare BinCare garbage bags.

The original price of a HiCare BinCare garbage bag pack of 4 with each pack comprising 30 individual bags is Rs. 520, but the company is currently offering the same at a discounted price of Rs. 350. So, order HiCare garbage bags online now and save up to Rs. 170.

5.0/5.0(Chandigarh)Jaskirat Singh

"Best dustbin bags"

Thank God I switched to these specially formulated anti-cockroach garbage bags, and now I see no cockroaches in my restaurant. Otherwise, seeing cockroaches around the trash bags was a daily routine for me and my staff.

5.0/5.0(Bangalore)Suresh Kamath

"Superb Quality "

Quality of the garbage bag is very nice. Specially while dumping wet thrash there was ZERO leakage.

5.0/5.0(Mumbai)Ronak Patil

"Size and quality"

Good quality and appropriate size. Useful and effective too. Makes sense to use this multi benefit garbage bag . .

5.0/5.0(Kolkata)Anand Ghosh

" Really Simple & Effective Product"

Its easy to use and very effective product. It helps keeping away the cockroaches.

5.0/5.0(Delhi)Anjali Singh

"Very effective Product"

Very effective product and results are visible from day 1. Packaging was also good and got delivered in 2 days.

5.0/5.0(Mumbai)Mahesh Sawant

" Rodent repellent bag!"

I was surprised to see such kind of a product, was not sure if it really works. We had issues of Rodent in our apartment. Everyday morning the thrash bags were messed up. But now with this HiCare product our issue is resolved and even I have recommended this to all my relatives and neighbors.

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