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HiCare Trendy Fly Catcher Machine

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HiCare’s fly-repellent machine range is so wide that it becomes difficult sometimes to pick the best machine. One distinctive product in this range comes by the name HiCare Trendy Fly Catcher Machine, which features a unique and slim design specifically engineered to maximize the attraction of flying insects.


  • Sleek design to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a place
  • Option to get non-sleeved and sleeved UV tubes for better safety
  • 3 UV lamps for maximum fly attraction
  • No zapping noise, and swift in operation
  • Covers an area of up to 350 sq. ft consuming just 45 Watts of power
  • 1 Year warranty (excluding lamps).

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HiCare Trendy Fly Repellent Machine has been designed to cover an area of up to 350 sq. ft. It comes installed with not one or two, but 3 UV lamps that consume 45 Watt power to attract flies and other insects in your premise. It is an ideal fly repellent machine for commercial use in various industries like hotels, canteens, colleges, schools, hospitals, malls, hospitality, and restaurants. Moreover, shopping malls and cinema theatre owners can also choose HiCare Trendy to enhance their overall visitor experience by providing them with a bug-free environment.



About the product


  • Sleek Design: Unique, sleek and slim design to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space
  • Best for Commercial Use: Engineered to offer a bug-free experience in various commercial industries like hotels, canteens, institutes, restaurants, shopping malls, and cinemas
  • Maximum Fly Attraction: Incorporates 3 UV lamps for maximum fly attraction
  • Sleeved Tubes: Comes with sleeved UV tubes as an added safety measure to contain the shattered glass tube in case of any breakage
  • Wide Area Coverage: Covers up to 350 sq. ft of area and makes it completely fly free
  • Easy to Install and Use: It can be easily installed anywhere to kill all flying insects




  • Finish – Plastic
  • Area coverage – 350 sq. ft
  • Lamp – 3 UVA 18”/15
  • Power consumption – 45 Watt
  • Size – L 525 x W 95 x H 33 MM
  • Weight – 5.5 Kg
  • Warranty – 1 Year (Excluding lamps)


Area coverage 350 sq. ft
Lamp3 UVA 18”/15
Power consumption 45 Watt
SizeL 525 x W 95 x H 33 MM
Weight5.5 Kg
Warranty1 Year (Excluding lamps)

All you need to do to use HiCare Trendy Fly Repellent Machine is first to read the instructions in the manual. Install it at an appropriate place, and switch it ON and do nothing after that. It will attract the flies and kill them with high power current, as soon as they touch the grid.

HiCare Trendy is a smart fly catcher machine that can be used anywhere to get rid of flies and mosquitoes. You can also install it at home for a noise-free fly killing.

HiCare Trendy Fly Killer Machine measures 525 x 95 x 33 mm in size. It is a compact machine that weighs just 5.5 kg and can be placed anywhere to combat flying insects.

You will find several types of fly killer machines in the market, but HiCare Trendy is the best fly killer for commercial use. It comes with an added safety measure by offering you a sleeved UV tube option to contain the glass, in case the tube shatters.

All the HiCare products are priced reasonably as compared to other similar products in the market. HiCare Trendy is also an affordable fly repellent machine for anyone interested to get rid of flies and mosquitoes.

5.0/5.0(Rajkot)Pawan Singh

"Kills flies as well as mosquitoes"

Thought that a fly catcher will only kill flies, but was surprised to see how amazing HiCare Trendy works to kill mosquitoes too. Ever since I installed this machine in my factory, I see happy workers working without worrying about flies and mosquitoes.

4.0/5.0(Mumbai)Gaurav Taneja

"Looks stylish and super effective"

A smart fly repellent that works even smarter. Have used fly catchers earlier, but found HiCare Trendy better in terms of efficiency, design, and safety.

5.0/5.0(Noida)Sakshi Thakur

"Perfect Fly Repellent for Home"

The super cool design makes it a perfect fly repellent machine for home. It kills flying insects with a noiseless zap. Highly impressed with its designing as well as functioning.

5.0/5.0(Chennai)Nirmala Iyer

"Must-Buy Fly Catcher"

Finally, an end to the fly issues in my confectionary. Can’t thank enough to HiCare Trendy Fly Killer Machine. A must-buy product!

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