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HiCare AutoMos Machine + 1 Refill – Starter Pack - 90 Days (Pack of 2)

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This Combo Pack consists of 2 AutoMos Starter Packs, each with 1 AutoMos Machine, 1 Original AutoMos Refill and 2 Batteries.

AutoMos is India’s 1st and only Automatic Mosquito Repellent Dispenser, it is effective even when windows are wide open throughout the day. AutoMos is the best mosquito repellent known for its 4X lesser chemical usage, so it is as good as a natural mosquito repellent in terms of safety concerns. Now, get this revolutionary mosquito repellent for home with a special launch offer and enjoy a stress-free life without mosquito bites.

  • Keep Windows Open 24/7 
  • 4X Time Less Chemicals
  • 100% Safe for Elders, Kids and Pets 
  • 1 Refill = 90 Days
  • No Wires and No Switches ~ Battery-Operated Mosquito Repellent Dispenser
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Turn your home into a mosquito-free zone with the new AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Dispenser. This battery-operated mosquito repellent machine uses 4x lesser chemicals in each spray and allows you to enjoy fresh air from open windows without risking yourself to mosquito bites.   AutoMos Starter Pack consists of one AutoMos machine, 1 original AutoMos refill, and 2 AA batteries (duracell) to run it. This is a pack of 2 AutoMos Starter Packs, which means you can easily use one at home and one at your workplace or else keep one for yourself and gift one to your loved one.

About the Product  

  1. Easy and one-time installation.
  2. Effective on house flies as well. Use HiCare AutoMos Refill only for the best results.
  3. 1 Dispenser is required for up to 200 sq. ft room/ area.
  4. Dispenser is a one-time investment and the cost of refill divided by 90 days will make sure you enjoy a mosquito-free home at just Rs. 5*/ day.
  5. The dispenser can be reused by purchasing Refills at timely intervals.

Terms & Conditions  

  • Follow the instructions for optimum results.
  • 90 Days efficacy is only valid on 2 hours interval spray time set. (Per Pack)
  • No warranty and No Return on the dispenser.

Expiry Date: Best before 2 years from the date of manufacturing  

For more info about the AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine, email us at or call our customer care at 8828333888.



To enjoy the best results from AutoMos, try installing it 7 to 8 feet high from the ground. You can hang it somewhere on the wall near the window. If installed properly, AutoMos will enable you to keep your windows and doors open 24x7 without letting a single mosquito fly inside your home

5.0/5.0(Jaipur, India)Sunita Sharma

""User Friendly and Effective products!""

It's user-friendly and delivers great results! With no worries about the mosquito even after the windows are open.

4.0/5.0(Jaipur, India)Aarti Sharma

""Effective products!""

The AutoMos Machine + 1 Refill is a lifesaver in Jaipur's mosquito season. Easy setup, effective results—no more mosquito worries!

4.0/5.0(Lucknow, India)Sanjay Yadav

""Best Mosquito Control!""

Living in Lucknow means facing mosquitoes every year. The AutoMos Machine + 1 Refill has been very helpful for me. It's so easy to use - just set it up and then forget about it. This machine keeps mosquitoes away, and now I can comfortably spend time in my home without any worries. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective mosquito control solution. Five stars, absolutely!

5.0/5.0(Delhi, India)Ravi Kumar

""No More Mosquito Worries!""

I live in Delhi where mosquitoes are a big problem, especially during the monsoon. The AutoMos Machine + 1 Refill has been a blessing for me. It's so easy to use – just set it up and forget about it. This machine quietly keeps mosquitoes away without any hassle. Now, I can sleep peacefully without worrying about mosquito bites. It's definitely worth every penny for a mosquito-free home.

4.0/5.0(Thane, India)Aakash

"Works really well"

Initially I saw this machine in our society reception and the results were great. Recently bought one for my house. Ever since I bought it I’m able to sit in my living area with the balcony open.

5.0/5.0(Mumbai, India)Brian

"Very effective !"

Everytime I visited India, I ended up having a bunch of mosquito bite marks on me. No matter what we tried, the mosquitos always showed up at night. Decided to give this product a try. We had a lot of mosquitos. But after using this product ..kept at a setting of 120 minutes (every 2 hours mosquito spray is emitted), we don't have any mosquitos. It's been 4 months, the product still works (haven't refilled it yet)

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